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Country-Pop Artist Tyra Madison Opens Up About Her Big Break On TikTok & New Single – Exclusive

“I love staying true to myself because why would you want to be anyone but yourself?” says the glamorous country artist.

Credit: Rachel Deeb

We have a new country-pop queen on our hands, and her powerful vocals are capturing the attention of music city fast. The rising Kentucky star, Tyra Madison, popped off on the social media platform TikTok with her upbeat track “Right Girl Wrong Time.” Shortly after the release, Madison jumped from 15K followers to 150K, leaving her fans hungry for more music.

“Alright, everyone, I have the next song you are going to scream in your car, just like drivers license,” says the singer in her viral TikTok. “It’s my song, and it is called “Right Girl Wrong Time,” she adds before belting the girl-power anthem in the front seat of her car.


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Madison did not skip a beat and gave the world what they were asking for, as she recently released her new heart-wrenching, mid-tempo single “Hostage” on Friday, February 5. The relatable track tells a story about a girl who wants to escape a relationship that she knows is toxic. While her heart and soul remains planted/uneasy in the unhealthy relationship, she struggles to find a way out, as her significant other is fighting to keep the romance alive.

The emotional lyrics co-written by Sam Ellis, Ben Caver, and Sarah Haze and produced by Dave Thomson and Brad Hill (Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, Brett Young) will take you on a roller coaster ride.

“You won’t stay, but won’t walk away, just give me a chance to forget your name/ saying ‘don’t want more,’ but I’m at your door, I don’t want to fight this war / Don’t lock up my love, baby, just let me go/ Holding my heart hostage, now let me go,” the artist sings in the chorus.

Madison is not just a regular country-pop artist scratching the surface of love. The musician dives deep and reveals the internal conflict several individuals face when struggling with a sour relationship. The artist hopes the track strikes a chord with anyone who believes they lost their self-worth while in love and makes them realize it’s time to find themselves again.

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Celeb Secrets Country: How did you get into country music? 

Tyra Madison: “I grew up on bluegrass music. My papaw played the harmonica and my uncle played the guitar, which gave me my love for music. In between, I found a passion for country music – I’ve always appreciated and loved how honest it is. Also, being from Kentucky, you grow up on country music. It’s truly in my blood.”

CSC: Which musicians do you turn to for inspiration? 

Tyra Madison: “I look up to Carrie Underwood and Maren Morris. They both influence me and my music, in totally different ways. I admire Maren for her songwriting… And we all know Carrie can perform and has a powerful voice, but to me she also epitomizes what it means to be a kind, gracious artist.” 

CSC: When did you start creating music on TikTok? 

TM: “I started truly taking TikTok seriously (meaning posting twice a day) in early January, so not too long! Since then, the account has taken on a life of its own… “ 

CSC: Did you ever imagine getting your big break from TikTok? 

TM: “Not at all. To be honest, the pandemic had put me in a big funk. I couldn’t perform live anywhere (which is my favorite part of what I do), I couldn’t write with people face-to-face so I decided to turn my attention to social media – and it’s worked out pretty well so far.” 

CSC: Could you tell us the inspiration behind your hit single “Right Girl Wrong Time?” 

TM: “My friend in college had been dating a guy since high school. When they both went their separate ways and attended different colleges, their relationship got rocky. He chose the college party life over her. I could tell this hurt her, and when you’re a close friend to someone, you feel what they feel. I was so inspired writing “Right Girl Wrong Time” that me and my co-writer friend, Regan Rosseau, knocked the song out in 2 hours.” 

Credit: Rachel Deeb

CSC: What was going through your head when you jumped from 15K to 150K followers on TikTok for your song “Right Girl Wrong Time”? 

TM: “Surreal” is the only word I could use to describe it. It made me so emotional that it was my own song, one that I’d put so much work into, that really made people connect on a deeper level on TikTok. It meant the world and was just so special.” 

CSC: You released your new single “Hostage” on Feb. 5, 2021 – Could you tell us more about this single?

TM: “Yes! ‘Hostage’ is a song about confusing love. You know you deserve better than the relationship, but you have an emotional attachment to this person that keeps you hanging on. It’s a heart vs. head situation.”

CSC: What can fans expect from this new single?

TM: “Fans can expect a good beat and a great message. I hope it helps them realize their worth, more than anything.”

CSC: How is the release of “Hostage” different from any other release you have done in the past?

TM: “This time is the first time I feel like I have built-in fans – like there’s a group of people that will follow me and stream my music because they like me as an artist. It’s a cool feeling.” 

CSC: What do you want fans to know about you? 

TM: “Behind all the glam, I love being natural just as much. I love staying true to myself because why would you want to be anyone but yourself? I am a goofy girl that has a lot of blonde moments.”

CSC: Since we are Celeb Secrets, can you spill some secrets/fun facts about yourself and making your new song that we wouldn’t know? 

TM: “One fun fact about me is that I used to be an Elsa impersonator. In high school, I performed at over 500 birthday parties. As for “Hostage,” it caught mine and my mom’s ear immediately when we first heard it. Not only are the lyrics solid, but the beat and synth reminded us of Coldplay. The general feel of “Hostage” seemed 80’s-inspired, which is what my mom and I used to listen to growing up.” 

Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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