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TikTok Star Taylor Rousseau Talks Rising to Fame on the App and ‘Wild West’ Style (Exclusive)

Rousseau has made her mark not only in the world of TikTok, but in the “country” culture!

Photo Credit: Taylor Rousseau via Instagram

Fans of TikTok content creator Taylor Rousseau live for her Western chic style, outfit inspiration and infectious personality. The self-proclaimed “queen buckle bunny” has made her mark in the western industry by inspiring her viewers to dress how they please at rodeos and events despite any negative opinions.

With one million followers and counting, Rousseau is a fashionable force to be reckoned with! But how did she find herself on this journey to TikTok fame? The content creator told Celeb Secrets in an exclusive interview that the process happened quite naturally.

“I just downloaded TikTok because it was the trend and everybody was doing it,” Rousseau explained. “I just wanted to see what it was about. It just kind of happened!”

With viral video after viral video, she has quickly collected a devoted fanbase. To have one million fans in your corner can almost seem unreal and for Rousseau, it didn’t truly feel real until she met some of her followers in person.

“I definitely never thought that about anything until girls starting coming up to me to tell me they knew me from TikTok and I was like, ‘What? People actually know me,'” Rousseau said. “Like a million followers doesn’t seem like people until you meet them in person and then you’re like, ‘Oh, people do actually follow me.’ You know, it was like a real moment that I had and then I got so excited afterwards and now I get so excited just to go to the Stockyards cause I like meeting people and actually having those interactions.”

As far as what personal TikTok video is her favorite, it comes down to one she made of her NFR outfit that sparkled and shined, literally.

“My NFR outfit TikTok just because I feel like it was at that point I made my mark on the Western industry,” Rousseau said. “Originally, I didn’t feel like I really like a place in the Western industry until people were like, ‘Hey, like you do have it,’ and that was a moment for me where I kind of figured out where I wanted to go with who I am and my brand.”

@itstaylorrousseau i was just in love with my #nfr outfit #nfrfashion #trending #outfitsinspo ♬ Tequila Does – Miranda Lambert

Rousseau’s personal brand stems far beyond her TikTok page. She is the proud owner of her own boutique, Geaux Sauvage, and co-owner of the up and coming mobile bar service, The Party with her boyfriend Cameron Grigg.

She shared with us that the Texas-based mobile bar service is underway with much anticipation.

“I am so excited for it,” Rousseau gushed. “So basically a mobile bar will attend weddings, birthday parties, and bridal showers. Anything you need like décor or a cute little backdrop or whatever, we’ll be there. We’re in the process of renovating it. It should be done hopefully in a couple of weeks, but ultimately we haven’t even gotten finished yet and the outcome has just been so awesome. People are already messaging us to book. We have one coming up in December. So, people are really excited about not only the content that goes with creating the mobile bar, but having it at their event. Even people are excited that me and Cam are gonna be at their event so they’re like, ‘I just kinda just want to book you because you’re gonna be there!'”

From a business owner to a content creator, it truly seems like she does it all! While she is known for showing her followers tips for stunning outfits, the content queen also gave us a behind-the-scenes secret and tip all in one for creating TikToks.

Rousseau shared that it helps to connect with those around you for help with a knack for being creative.

“I think that my biggest secret is like my little sister films a lot behind the camera,” Rousseau dished. “I am so lucky because I was blessed with somebody that helped me with that!”

Fans can keep up with all of Taylor Rousseau’s buzz-worthy content on both TikTok and Instagram.

Which Taylor Rousseau TikTok video is your favorite? Let us know by sending us a tweet @CS_Country.

Written by Kelly Gilmore

Kelly is a senior broadcast journalism student at the University of Central Florida! She has an unquenchable passion for all things pop culture and entertainment news. When she isn't writing articles, hosting interviews or working on entertainment news, Kelly can be found binge-watching her favorite shows.

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