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Lucas Hoge Opens Up About His Lively Single “Get Lost” And Season Two of ‘Hoge Wild’ (Exclusive)

“My guitar has taken me into different people’s lives and letting me experience what this amazing planet has to offer,” says the rising country star.

Let us paint you a picture: You are living in a COVID-free world getting lost in a spur of the moment activity with someone you hold near and dear to your heart. Well, this free-spirit mindset is exactly what singer and songwriter Lucas Hoge was craving and channeling when he penned his optimistic track “Get Lost.” 

The Nebraska native is an adventurous artist who explores the world while making music. In fact, the dynamic storyteller has made his love for travel a career and partnered with the Sportsman Channel to create his own television show called Hoge WildThe country singer takes his viewers across the globe as he travels to exotic destinations like New Zealand, Bolivia, Africa, and more. While experiencing the unimaginable, Lucas has a guitar in one hand and a bow and arrow in the other, as he embraces the great outdoors. Therefore, when the pandemic hit and travel became restricted, the musician was left with no other choice than to only fantasize about packing up his bags and jet-setting to someplace magical. 

In true singer and songwriter fashion, the travel enthusiast put pen to paper to express how he was feeling, and that is when “Get Lost” was born. “Everybody right now needs to get lost, go out, just do your thing, getaway, turn off the TV, maybe put social media down for a little bit and just get lost with your loved ones and have a great time and enjoy what mother nature has for us out there,” says Hoge in an exclusive Celeb Secret Country interview. 

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Now that the world is slowly opening up and Hoge is set to embark on his next journey with the Sportsman Channel to film Season two of his hit television show, he hopes his fans will listen to his new track as they enter the next chapter of their life or allow “Get Lost” to help them unplug from reality. 

“I really want people to get in their cars, don’t just sit at a table. Get in your car, turn on the radio, and listen to that song,” Hoge shared with CSC. Drive somewhere with somebody or on your own. I think that song is going to help transport you there faster,” he adds. 

With that being said, Celeb Secrets Country sat down (virtually) with Lucas during CRS 2021 back in February to talk about his recently released track “Get Lost,” the inspiration behind his heartwarming music video, his adventurous TV Show  Hoge Wild, and how his string guitar became his passport around the world. While traveling might be on hold right about now, take a trip down memory lane with Lucas Hoge and Celeb Secrets Country. Learn all about how his outrageous expeditions play a vital role in his country music career by reading our full Q&A below. 

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Celeb Secrets Country: Who is Lucas Hoge? Could you tell us about yourself?

Lucas Hoge: I grew up in a super small town of Humboldt, Nebraska – right on the Kansas Nebraska line. It was a town of 44 people and I grew up loving the outdoors and loving music. I knew music was going to be my ticket to get out of that little town because I didn’t want to stick around after high school. Thank god I started playing the drums, piano, and everything I could get my hands on. I am glad I did because it has taken me all around this world. I say my guitar has been my passport. For many years, my guitar has taken me into different people’s lives and letting me experience what this amazing planet has to offer.”

Celeb Secrets Country: How did you get into country music? 

Lucas Hoge: Well, growing up in that small farm town, that was pretty much the music of choice back there. Granted, I had two older sisters and an older brother. My sisters pretty much listened to rock music but my brother, mom, and dad were really focused on country music. So, it was definitely my family that started me into country music.” 

CSC: How would you describe your sound? 

LH: “My sound is definitely “rootsy” with a new twist to it. That edge– that current county sound that’s out there right now. So, I mean it’s evolved. Everybody’s music has evolved through the years if you want to stay current. It started out very traditional, when I was back home, I was still wearing a cowboy hat even. It just progressively evolved into what you needed to be out there to stay relevant on country radio.”

CSC: Which artists do you look towards for music inspiration? 

LH: “Well growing up, Garth Brooks was a huge inspiration to me. I had a song that did very well – it was my first top 30 single and it was called the “Power of Garth.” It was attributed to Garth Brooks because it was him that kind of opened me up. I was curious if he was writing his own songs and he wasn’t. So, I started diving into actually who was writing all those songs and it was like the Skip Ewing’s, the Paul Overstreet’s, the Michael Peterson’s ­– those guys who didn’t have huge artists careers of their own, but their writing careers were outstanding. 

I really started diving into the songwriter side of things and It was really cool because Skip Ewing is probably one of my all-time favorite songwriters and this year I released a Christmas song called “It Wasn’t His Child” and Skip Ewing was the writer on that many, many, many, years ago and Trisha Yearwood recorded it. I actually think Tim McGraw actually did a version of it acoustically this year, but Skip actually picked up the phone and called me personally. I still got the voicemail. He’s like ‘Lucas, just wanted to let you know that I loved your version of “It Wasn’t His Child,” thanks so much for recording it.’ That to me was super special and I still get goosebumps.”

CSC: Could tell us about your recently released “Get Lost”? 

LH: “The song “Get Lost” I wrote with Jason Mizel and Matt Nolan, two good friends of mine. It’s like everybody right now needs to get lost, go out, just do your thing, getaway, turn off the TV, maybe put social media down for a little bit and just get lost with your loved ones and have a great time and enjoy what mother nature has for us out there. That’s kind of about the song, it’s about the love interest and they just want to go out and get lost and just have a great time.”

CSC: Could we expect a music video for “Get Lost”?

LH: “I think the music video is going to be really cool. We took over the old Highway 50 drive-in theater. We kind of pretended like we stumbled onto this abandoned theater and we kind of not ‘broke in,’ but everything was open and we found popcorn and turn the projector on and we’re having a great time. It’s going to be fun!”

CSC: How is this single different from any other track you have released in the past? 

LH: “That’s a hard question, I feel like I’ve been able to elevate my music to a whole other level. During COVID actually, because we have been at home, not on tour – we have had a little more time to focus on doing things like write with people that we might not have been able to write with. Now we can do it virtually.” 

CSC: Would you say “Get Lost” was easy or hard to write? 

LH: “The song itself? Well, it fell out! It was kind of easy to write, especially with Matt and Jason. They are great songwriters.” 

CSC: Do you write from real-life experiences?

LH: “Hundred percent honestly! Because you know, something has sparked that idea that you’ve lived through. With my TV Show that’s doing great right now, I’m always in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, scuba diving, whatever and I’m basically getting lost. So, those experiences helped, you know, cultivate what we all came together and put together as a song.”

CSC: How would you want us fans to feel when we listen to “Get Lost”? 

LH: “I really want people to get in their cars, don’t just sit at a table. Get in your car, turn on the radio, and listen to that song. Drive somewhere with somebody or on your own. I think that song is going to help transport you there faster because sometimes it takes us a few days to unplug and dive into where we’re going to be. But, this song, hopefully, will just help you open up that mind, and just as nothing else matters. We’re going to drive, drive, drive, and just get lost wherever we end up.”

CSC: Could you tell us about your TV Series Hoge Wild

LH: “It started back when I was a kid. I had a passion for the outdoors, my dad and my uncles raised us in the outdoors, hunting and fishing and respecting our wildlife, and knowing that we have to do those things to help conservation, so that those animals are around for future generations to enjoy. I just kept doing that throughout my entire life and as I said, my guitar has been my passport. It’s literally taken me all over the country and world. To Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, Egypt, Hawaii, Alaska, you name it! We’ve been there every corner of the earth and I meet certain people that are just like ‘hey, heard you’re into the outdoors, you want to come hunting with me at my lodge or hop on my jet?’ So, I started putting all this stuff together a few years back and sat down with my good buddies at the Sportsman’s channel. We decided to put it out as a show and it’s doing so great! 

Right now, we’re in the middle of filming for season two. I’m so fortunate, we went to New Zealand, dove in the Cayman Islands, swam with sharks and stingrays and it was just a blast. We are having a lot of fun getting to do a lot of amazing things and I want to take people along for the ride. I want to share my experiences with everybody and say this, ‘you can do this stuff too, you really can, you just have to jump!’ 

You really have to jump into everything that you do and if it happens great, if it doesn’t happen it’s going to pivot you into something that you were meant to do.” 

Twitter: @lucashoge

CSC: Do you believe Hoge Wild has helped your music career? 

LH: “I am able to put songs out there! Millions and millions of people see it every day on TV, which is great. I kind of get to be my own producer and stuff. So, pretty much every song you hear in the background and foreground of my show is the stuff that I have written or friends of mine.” 

CSC: How do you think season two will be different now that COVID-19 plays a significant role? 

LH: “That’s a great question! It’s going to be a lot more domestic obviously. We were supposed to be in South Africa and we were going to be in Bolivia and those places. So, we’ll be filming a lot of domestic stuff and we’re going down to the Virgin Islands since that’s still part of the US. So, we’re going to go scuba diving down there and do some fishing.”

CSC: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, do you have any secret projects in the pipeline right now?

LH: “Well, I am collaborating with a bunch of new people that I haven’t written with before. I also have a huge sponsor that we are in the works with right now, which as we know, sponsors help the world go round in the music industry nowadays. So, being able to align yourself with partners is pretty cool – you might see who the partner is in my new music video.” 

CSC: You mentioned that you are coming out with new material, when do you expect to release your new music? 

LH: “Everything is releasing this year, probably every three or four months. It’s all country. The gospel project was just a pet project of mine and that’s probably where that’s going to live. Sunday Sessions continue, we might do a volume two or something. However, my country career is kind of where the focus lies right now. Another big secret is that we’re doing a Christmas tour this year. The tour will start right after Thanksgiving.” 

Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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