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MaRynn Taylor Talks All Things Small Town in New Single “Small Town Spinnin’” (Exclusive)

MaRynn Taylor is one of Nashville’s newest starlets making a name for herself one catchy song at a time. Her newest single “Small Town Spinnin’,” which dropped on March 1, trails a slew of introductory singles – “01”, “Make You Mine” and “Shakin’ In My Boots.” Written by Taylor, Erin Kinsey and Josh Kerr, the Y2K-inspired song encompasses all of the gossip that you’ll only see in a small town — perhaps Taylor’s hometown of Rockford, Michigan — including Jenny’s new blue front door that everybody hates and a secret relationship — which Taylor says makes the song more...

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Shane Profitt Says He Wrote “How It Oughta Be” for the ‘Pissed Off American’ and the ‘Family American’ (Exclusive)

Described as “a salt of the earth southerner with a straight-shooting swagger and kind smile,” Shane Profitt is just scratching the surface of the country music industry with big plans for the remainder of 2023. From working a full time job to selling out shows in just one year, the rising country artist has had a musical journey that is anything BUT conventional, and he chatted with Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder all about it at this year’s Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee. “13 months ago I was making $11 an hour cutting grass in the medians of...

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Trinity Faith Looks Forward to “Staying True to Herself and Her Story” in Her Upcoming Album (Exclusive)

It is just the beginning for budding songstress Trinity Faith. The rising country star recently released “Favor” on all music steaming platforms, which she revealed to Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder “has been a whirlwind” of an experience. “That was the first song that we put out on TikTok that like really went kind of nuts with videos and reactions. I posted a snippet of ‘Favor’ probably like six months ago, just seeing, you know, what it was gonna do (like kind of a tease),” she shared. “We finally released it, and there’s like over hundreds of people using ‘Favor’ in...

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Getting to Know Canadian Cowboy Jade Eagleson (Exclusive)

Jade Eagleson is quickly becoming an international country sensation! The Ontario native is currently making waves in Canada, the United States and beyond with his one-of-a-kind tunes, ultimately establishing himself as a global country star who is only going up from here 📈 As for how Eagleson got his start in the country music space, he dished to Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder in an exclusive interview, “my mom was actually a musician, and on my paternal side my grandpa would sing country songs pretty much every night after chores… I lived with them for a while and I gravitated towards the...

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Tigirlily Gold’s Single “Shoot Tequila” Hits Country Radio, and It ‘Captures That Honky Tonk Energy’ (Exclusive)

With their new song “Shoot Tequila” climbing the charts AND playing on nearly 50 different country radio stations, Tigirlily Gold clearly has a bright future ahead 🤩 “As artists you go in cycles of writing, recording, touring, and I feel like this year is such a big, like, launch year, which is super exciting,” Kendra Slaubaugh, half of the sister duo, revealed to Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder in an exclusive interview. We caught up with both Kendra AND Krista Slaubaugh at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville last month, where they spilled everything surrounding the hot new track, their exciting radio debut, their plans for the future and more....

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Brooke Moriber Wants To Be Loved For Who She Really Is in New Song “Down To Nothing” (Exclusive)

Up-and-coming prodigy Brooke Moriber is a force to be reckoned with in Country music. Embodying strength and resilience in everything she does, Moriber is living proof that falling down is an opportunity to come back even stronger. Getting her first taste of show business at the age of eight as part of the Broadway musical Les Miserables, Moriber has been hooked on the arts ever since. After abruptly losing her eye sight at age 14, she honed in even more on her passion and craft until she miraculously found herself in remission four years later, giving the healing credit to songwriting....

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Gabby Barrett, Walker Hayes, Ryan Hurd & Lainey Wilson Among Nominees for CRS 2022 New Faces of Country Music Show

The New Faces of Country Music® Show is returning to Country Radio Seminar for its 53rd year and it’s one that shouldn’t be missed. The 11 talented voices that will vie for the final five spots include Gabby Barrett, Priscilla Block, Blanco Brown, Callista Clark, Walker Hayes, Ryan Hurd, Parker McCollum, Niko Moon, Jameson Rogers, Elvie Shane, and Lainey Wilson. While all deserve a spot in the “New Faces of Country Music” class, it will come down to the amount of votes each artist receives from industry executives involved in the programming, promotion, and distribution of country music, from the following...

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Ben Gallaher Gives A Nod To His Fans Who Make Up The Backbone of America in Single “Every Small Town” (LISTEN)

Ben Gallaher was only 19-years-old when he packed his bags and head straight to Nashville to pursue his passion for music. The Pennsylvania native was born to be a singer and songwriter, as he grew up listening to ‘90s country and pulled inspiration from legends such as Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Lynrd Skynyrd, and most importantly Brent Mason to create a unique sound of his own. Now, the self-taught musician is known for his autobiographical anthems, commanding guitar skills, and raw lyrics. The multifaceted storyteller landed a record deal and gained a loyal fanbase rather quickly. However, the rapid...

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Lucas Hoge Opens Up About His Lively Single “Get Lost” And Season Two of ‘Hoge Wild’ (Exclusive)

Let us paint you a picture: You are living in a COVID-free world getting lost in a spur of the moment activity with someone you hold near and dear to your heart. Well, this free-spirit mindset is exactly what singer and songwriter Lucas Hoge was craving and channeling when he penned his optimistic track “Get Lost.”  The Nebraska native is an adventurous artist who explores the world while making music. In fact, the dynamic storyteller has made his love for travel a career and partnered with the Sportsman Channel to create his own television show called Hoge Wild. The country singer...

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Dani Taylor Opens Up About Her Girl Boss Single “Table For One Drinking For Two” (Listen)

Independent, sassy, and driven is everything Arizona-bred Dani Taylor embodies as a singer and songwriter. It was Patsy Cline who influenced the strong-willed artist to pursue a career in country music and now she is making waves in Nashville with her remarkable sound. When you pop in your headphones and listen to Dani Taylor, you won’t just hear a generic country song, but a girl with a story to tell. In a world full of uncertainty, Taylor uses her musical abilities to turn the negatives that can consume our everyday life into positives. Whether that’s adapting to the new...

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