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Life on Eris Returns To Their Country Music Roots With New Single “The Risk” ­– Exclusive

“We wanted to give our fans something to sing along to and feel good about,” shares the country couple.


You may know Chris Carmack for his breakthrough role as gay country singer Will Lexington on the hit ABC Show Nashville, or picture the actor running down the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in award-winning drama Grey’s Anatomy. But now, the multi-talented performer is busy channeling his inner-country roots with wife Erin Slaver to produce a fresh and new sound for their band, Life on Eris.

Erin Slaver is no stranger to the music industry, as she is a vocalist, songwriter, fiddler, and outstanding violinist. In fact, Carmack and Slaver fell in love on the set of Nashville while filming the pilot at the Grand Ole Opry. “I showed up and I had no idea what I was getting into and how big the show was going to be,” Slaver told Celeb Secrets Country during an exclusive interview. “ I made friends with a lot of the lead actors on that show and that’s eventually when Chris joined.” 

Carmack did not hesitate to share the first moment he laid eyes on his wife while working on set, “[Sam Palladio] was another actor on the show and when he was performing with his ‘band’ at the local clubs, I went to see him. And there she was sitting under the spotlight and of course ripping it up on the violin.” Ever since then, the country couple joined forces and started making music together.

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The pop-alternative duo, Life on Eris made their debut with EP, Stonewall – which was an excellent blend of pop music, hip-hop, and Americana, with pulls from their classical influences. Throughout the EP, you will realize that the musical duo tried something different and delivered a moody and dark soundscape, but now Life on Eris is heading back down the country road with their new single “The Risk.” 

“We’re just naturally gravitating back towards what’s natural to us,” says Carmack. “ I think we shine with our acoustic instruments in our hands. The songwriting comes from the clubs we spent countless nights at watching shows, listening to these incredible songwriters perform. So think we’re just always emulating that in the back of our heads,” he adds. 

Their new up-tempo single “The Risk” paints an image of a couple in the beginning stages of their relationship, when every action, exchange, or even text message feels like it’s under a microscope. “I used to feel like I was one, overeager text message away from sabotaging our relationship back then,” Slaver laughs as she explains the inspiration behind the lyrics. 

When you get around to the chorus, you will hear the couple sing about “the risk factors” of being alive and taking that major leap for love. Chris and Erin penned and produced the track and pulled from real-life experiences, as the country love birds prove that they challenge themselves and take risks for each other within the heartfelt lyrics. 

“I think most recently, making the decision to take the job on Grey’s Anatomy and moving from Nashville to Los Angeles was a big one,” says Chris. “I had been going back and forth for a long time, but we made the move this year, amid pandemic. Here we are in a new neighborhood and Erin hardly knows anybody in Los Angeles and can’t get to know anybody. I recognize that it’s been a very isolating experience for her, and she was willing to take that risk for me.” 

The supportive couple has also been vocal on social media about other risks that they have taken for one another throughout the years. As, Chris and Erin wait patiently to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the happy pair will continue to write and record new music themselves in their California home. 

Celeb Secrets Country sat down (virtually) with Life on Eris to talk about their new pop-country single The Risk” and their time in quarantine together.

Learn more about Life on Eris by watching our full interview below. You can connect with Chris and Erin on Instagram by following them at @lifeonerismusic.

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Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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