Hayley Orrantia Embraces Her ‘Strong, Sweet, and Southern’ Side in New Single

American actress, singer, and songwriter Hayley Orrantia blends R&B, pop, and country in her new single “Strong, Sweet, and Southern.”

“Strong, Sweet, and Southern” dives into the whole idea of men stepping up their game to get the girl. In an exclusive interview Orrantia did with Celeb Secrets Country she indeed believes that the southern gentlemen is far from gone.

“Strong Sweet & Southern is a fun, upbeat song about wanting guys to step it up and be a  true gentleman.” Orrantia says, “A lot of people say that chivalry is dead, but I refuse to believe that.”

The 22 year old starts on ABC’s sitcom, The Goldbergs where she plays Erica Goldberg, a teenager who is aspiring to be a professional singer. This ironically parallels Orrantia’s real life where she is balancing being a young actor while also aspiring to make it in the music industry.

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“Trying to balance music and acting has been pretty difficult for me. My first love is music, but I have learned so much from the acting world and I appreciate it so much more now.” Orrantia told us, “I would love to continue working on The Goldbergs for as long as humanly possible, but there is a bit part of me that’s ready to focus on music. Whenever I have any time off, I travel back home to Nashville to write and record. I will always find time for music.”

Orrantia describes her sound as a mix between country, pop, and blues, and we can surely see that in “Strong, Sweet, and Southern.”

“With country I can tell a story the way I want, with pop I can create music that is fun and danceable and with that bluesy flair, I can play up those vocal riffs I loved doing so much growing up,” Orrantia said to us.

Photo Credit: Kristin Barlowe

She co-wrote the catchy single with Mark Bright and Kevin Kadishas about her experience being in LA. “We have a blast working together in the studio! The combination of Kevin’s pop style and Mark’s country background really married my favorite things in music,” Orrantia raves about her producer and co writers.

If you’re as obsessed with this new single as we are then we have some good news for you. Orrantia told us that there will be an album coming out soon. However, there is not an official release date, but she “has her heart in so many of the songs,” that we can only expect greatness.

However, Goldberg’s fans there is no need to worry, Orrantia is not done from acting just yet. Orrantia has spilled her “celeb secret,” to us about other projects she is working on. “I have been working on a few non-scripted concepts for a while and I hope to get some things in the works very soon.”

Orrantia shows us her musical side in her new single, “Strong, Sweet, and Southern.” The young actress is full of talent, and we can say that we are excited to be along for the ride!

Check out the lyric video for the song below:

Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

Written by CS Country Staff


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