Walker Montgomery Says New Single “Like My Daddy Done It” Is An Homage to His Daddy (Exclusive)

The rising star also shares how his family allowed him to come into music on his own.

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Rising artist Walker Montgomery seems to be destined for country music. The son of John Michael Montgomery and the nephew of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry, the Kentucky native is well on his way to living up to the family’s impressive heritage.

Celeb Secrets Country caught up with Walker during Nashville’s Country Music Seminar 2020 to talk about the release of his brand new single “Like My Daddy Done It,” touring plans, and why his family not pushing him into music has made him appreciate it even more.

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Celeb Secrets: Can you talk about the writing and recording process of your single ‘Like My Daddy Done It’ that’s officially out

Walker Montgomery: “My single ‘Like My Daddy Done It’ is how I remember it. Unfortunately I didn’t write it, but I just signed with a company called Play It Again which Dallas Davidson owns. So Dallas wrote this one and we just wanted to get songs out so he brought me this song and we both agreed that it was perfect for me. It’s been awhile since I’ve released music so it was the perfect re-introduction of me. Recording it was special. I went to thank the band and the producer, Dallas, and the engineer for mixing it. We recorded three songs and we got the next one coming out in March. After that we’ll have a third one coming out. Being able to release this song first is an homage to my daddy. It’s a special thing.” 

CS: Can you talk a little more about your father in regards to this song?

WM: “My dad is John Michael Montgomery. He’s a great man, he’s a strong American, and he is a great dad. He’s still on the road a little bit and everything. He’s letting me do the music thing and he doesn’t really get himself involved at all. I know that if I need advice or something him and Eddie will there but growing up they never pushed me to go into music. They surrounded me with football, and school every now and then and kind of let me find my own path to music. That’s how they were raised and they found their own path to music which I think makes it even more special.” 

CS: What’s the rest of the year look like for you? Any exciting touring plans or special projects?

WM: “Well I’m booked by William Morris and we’ve got some really good opening spots. We’re going out with Hank Jr. for a little bit, Josh Turner, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Travis Tritt. So we’ve got some really good shows, but mainly trying to build that fan base and go out and make some new friends. I always say, ‘Hell we could go to Lincoln, NE and play for 100 people and as long as we get one more fan we did our job.'”

CS: Being a rising artist, what do you want fans to know about you?

WM: “I’m just like you. I like to sing relatable songs and I think relatable songs is what country music is all about. I know what I do on a regular basis, I go ride in my pick-up truck with my dog and go fishing or something. I like to record and perform songs that I know the average American will be able to relate to and like because he or she is going to say “Oh I do that!” or “I feel that way” or whatever. Whether it’s a love song or a really sexy song or a rockin’ song. That’s why I always say my shows are an emotional roller coaster because you gotta try to add a little bit of everything.” 

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CS: You’re in an early part of your career, do you have a goal you hope to accomplish professionally by the end of the year?

WM: “My thing is just going out and having fun and playing music. Seeing where the music takes us. Obviously the best song wins. I think think these songs right here are really special to me and I think they can touch a lot of people which is my main thing. You see a lot of people singing along in the crowd and it touches you that other people are enjoying your music and stuff. So we’re just having fun right now and seeing where the music takes us.” 

CS: Can you talk a little more about the songs you have coming out? Do you have a favorite?

WM: “I can’t say the names. My favorite of the three we recorded, of course I love them all of I wouldn’t have recorded them, but it’s the next one coming out after ‘Like My Daddy Done It’. Once that’s out, I’ll tell ya. But it’s going to be the perfect summer song. It’s going to be special, we’re gonna make a music video for it.” 

CS: What’s your idea for the music video?

WM: “Somewhere on a beach with a beer and maybe fun fishin’. Maybe go down to Key West.” 

CS: Since we’re Celeb Secrets, can you tell us a behind the scenes secret about your single ‘Like My Daddy Done It’ that fans wouldn’t know just by listening to it?

WM: “Well one of the unique things about it, because of my daddy and the song, the song says nothing about music. It doesn’t even mention music once, it’s about the real life stuff that my dad taught me. I know that a bunch of hard workin’ American dads taught their sons. It doesn’t say one word about music which I think is even more special.” 

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Written by Mariah Crom

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