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Jordan Rowe Reveals The Real Him in New Single “More Me” (Exclusive)

“’More Me’ is a special song to me because it’s the first one I’m releasing under River House that I didn’t write. I think that speaks for the song in itself,” says the rising star!

Georgia-bred singer and songwriter Jordan Rowe has always had his eye on the prize. From an early age, he knew he wanted to break into the country music scene. The small town artist would travel near and far to work with leading songwriters in Nashville, intern at record labels to get his foot in the door, and he would even hit the road with emerging musicians to sell merchandise to network amongst the best.

While putting in the time and climbing the ladder, the rising star did not stop writing and recording his own material. When he packed his bags and moved to music city, it was his Nashville debut single “Good For Nothin” in 2020 that made instant waves. Within a year, the hopeful artist generated a loyal fan base and started producing content under River House Artists. In fact, his recent release “More Me” which showcases his traditional country sound with a twist of modern undertones is his first release with the company.

“More Me is a special song to me because it’s the first one I’m releasing under River House that I didn’t write. I think that speaks for the song in itself,” shares Rowe. “I usually write 3-5 songs a week, but I heard “More Me” and felt like exactly what I wanted to say as an artist. It fits me perfectly and I’m thankful to Cole, Randy, and Corey for letting me have it.”

The potential chart-topping track was penned by hitmakers Corey Crowder, Cole Taylor, and Randy Montana and produced by award-winning musician Derek Wells – who is known for working with Granger Smith, Scotty McCreery, and Maddie & Tae. The mid-tempo and feel-good single describes Jordan Rowe in a nutshell and it’s almost like the talented group wrote the song just for him.

The heartfelt song is a friendly reminder that the people you love and your favorite pastimes typically bring out the best version of yourself. Throughout each stanza, you will hear Jordan explain what makes him, him. However, when you listen to the chorus he declares that he is a ‘little more him’ when he’s loving and around his significant other.

“I’m a little more me when I’m lovin’ on you. Like it’s what this boy was born to do, Little more what I am – little less what I ain’t. Try to think of somewhere better but I can’t,” he sings in the chorus.

The self-worth anthem was meant to be released in 2020, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – the team put the track on the back burner until now. “More Me” follows his single “Up to Something Country,” which dropped back in January of 2021.


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♬ original sound – Jordan Rowe

In an exclusive interview, the artist teased his forthcoming two-four pack EPs. “I’m excited about it! Each will have four songs and we’ve got all eight recorded already,” says Rowe. “We will probably going to put one out in June, and then one in August I think. We are going to have some features on there, which will be really cool on some of those songs. Some of the artists that I have grown up listening to, are going to get on there and sing with me. Some of my newer friends and younger artists as well.”

Expect to hear a sound you have never heard before, as the variety of songs will give you a mixture of Morgan Wallen and Jon Pardi vibes. “I’m pumped that it’s all over the place because we have heavy, deep, and meaningful songs on there,” shares the rising star to Celeb Secrets Country.

Luckily, the breakthrough artist will have the opportunity to share his new music with the world on The Cody Johnson Tour, which will kick-start on May 7 in South Carolina.

With that being said, Celeb Secrets Country sat down (virtually) with Jordan to chat about his traditional country track “More Me.” Throughout the exclusive interview, the emerging artist shares his inspiration behind the lyrics, his upcoming summer EPs., and he gives us fans an inside scoop on his upcoming Southeast tour with country music star, Cody Johnson.

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Celeb Secrets Country: You have a new single dropping called “More Me” on Friday, April 23! How are you feeling?

Jordan Rowe: “I used to always get nervous before music releases. So, I am a little nervous about it, because you’ve worked so hard on these songs and then you wonder how people are going to respond or people don’t care at all. It’s always in the back of your mind, but definitely way more excited than nervous.

We actually recorded this song last March and it was supposed to come out last April. We literally recorded the song the week of the shutdown and we were like ‘oh man, what now?’ But, I’m excited to finally get it out there and we’ll see how people like it.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Why Friday, April 23? 

Jordan Rowe: “Well, because the other GREAT NEWS is that we’re about to go out on tour with Cody Johnson next month.” 

CSC: Could you tell us about the songwriting process? Did you have any co-writers on this piece? 

JR: “So, this is actually the first song that I will be putting out that I didn’t write. It’s over two years old and I remember where I was and when I heard it for the first time. One of my friends, who I have written a lot of my songs with – Cole Taylor, sent it to me over two years ago. I remember, I was sitting in the parking lot and I got a text and he’s like ‘hey, check this song out.’ I listened to the demo and I was like ‘holy cow! This song is going to be a hit’ and I responded with, ‘who’s cutting this?’ and he was like ‘nobody yet’ and I was like ‘I hope nobody does, but I’m sure someone will.’ Two years later and nobody has cut it yet! I was like what are y’all doing, this is a hit!

So, I think that speaks for the song in itself because I do write my butt off. I mean, I usually write three to five songs a week. So, to put a song out that I didn’t write, kind of speaks for it. It was one of those songs that you hear and you are like ‘how did I not write that? That’s me.’”

CSC: What would you say the message is behind “More Me?”

JR: “That you are where you are supposed to be. As the song says ‘Love and All’– it’s like I’m ‘More Me’ when I’m hunting and fishing. So, it’s like I’m ‘More Me’ in a boat seat, I’m ‘More Me’ in blue jeans with a beer. It’s like that every dude persona in those verses, but I am even ‘MORE ME,’ when I’m with you. So, really where I’m supposed to be, is right here with you. 

CSC: You worked with Derek Wells on “More Me,” what was it like to be in the studio with an award-winning producer?

JR: “That was an incredible experience! So, “More Me” was the first session I got to record with him. It was “More Me,” “Up to Something Country,” and “Good For Nothin’,” and those two are already out. So, we did those three together, and seeing how he did it was crazy. He works with Maddie & Tae, Scotty McCreery, and works on some Morgan and Hardy stuff. He’s so talented and plays literally almost everything on the radio. He’s a session player as well, so he’s super, super, super, super talented, and to see how he approached those songs was amazing. 

He’s the easiest and greatest guy to work with, he really cares and will dive in and explain everything to you. It’s been such a fun process because some producers don’t do that. So, he’s hands-on with you and super involved.”

CSC: What is one thing you have learned from working with Derek Wells

JR: “I would say to be creative and to get outside of the box. Nowadays everyone puts the structure of a country song into this little box that sounds like everything else on the radio. Derek’s cool about just having fun with the music and not to sell the music short by trying to fit it into some kind of box that we have somehow made up. So, it’s kind of an art – he keeps it ‘commercial,’ where it can be on the radio, but also the structure is different. You’ll hear that in my new music.” 

CSC: When fans sit down and listen to “More Me” for the very first time, how would you like them to feel?

JR: “You want to go out and crack open a beer! Just have some fun, like it needs to feel like Saturday.”

Credit: Facebook @JordanRoweMusic

CSC: What would you say your favorite memory was while recording “More Me”?

JR: “I would say how the fiddle was brought to life on it! So, all I had originally was the demo. Then I listened to that forever and I was nervous because it was more pop-leaning and I wanted to bring it more traditional country, but still keep it cool. 

Seeing that all come together with Janee Fleenor, she plays the fiddle on all my stuff was amazing. She actually plays in Blake Shelton’s band, she’s amazing. That was my favorite part because I was like ‘oh, this is something new, something different!’”

CSC: “More Me” is your latest single before dropping two four-pack Eps this summer! Could you tell us about your forthcoming projects? 

JR: “I’m excited about it! Each will have four songs and we’ve got all eight recorded already. We will probably going to put one out in June, and then one in August I think. We are going to have some features on there, which will be really cool on some of those songs. I’m super pumped about some of the artists that I have grown up listening to are going to get on there and sing with me. Some of my newer friends, some of the younger artists as well. Those songs are all over the place too! I mean, some of them are straight Barnburners/ 90s country and then some of it, I feel like literally isn’t out there yet! It is kind of a mixture between Morgan Wallen and Jon Pardi. It’s all over the place because we have heavy, deep, and meaningful songs on there.” 

CSC: Rumor has it that you are hitting the road with Cody Johnson this summer, could you tell us about the upcoming tour?

JR: “I am absolutely stoked to go! He’s one of my favorite artists and I think he is one of the most talented dudes in town. About two and a half years ago, I was in college, but I was coming up to Nashville and I was living with Ray Fulcher and Andrew Parker, who is also on the tour. I would write with those guys and live with them and then go back to school. During one of those summers, Ray was on tour with Cody and Luke Combs and Ray was like ‘hey, I need a merch guy for this weekend, can you come and do my t-shirts?’ So, I was like ‘sure!’ and I was hanging out with Ray during those shows and I met Cody and his manager way back then. So, it was kind of a full-circle moment. 

We heard about this opportunity and I was like, ‘Man this is a long shot, because there are so many people deserving of that spot.’ But, we went for it – put our best foot forward, we prayed hard about it, and finally got the call last week. I’m so ready. I’ve got friends that are planning to go to shows in South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and it’s going to be fun” 

CSC: Could you tell us what was going through your head when you landed the gig with Cody Johnson? 

JR: “It was overwhelming really… like it really didn’t set in until the next day! I’m like no way, like surely some thing is going to happen and we’re not going to get it. I was just like, ‘thank you, Lord,’ because I’ve been praying about this almost every day for a month! I even had my parents praying for me.” 

CSC: What do you hope to learn from Cody Johnson while out on the road? 

JR: “I feel like he’s really good at being himself. He keeps doing that through his music and everything. He was an independent artist forever and I think that’s what his fans really respect about him – he’s just real. I am hoping to get good advice, life advice, career advice, all that stuff from him. I‘m just going to try to pay attention to see how he works the crowd and try to learn some stuff from that. He’s a great one to look up to!” 

Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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