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Travis Denning Celebrates New Single “After A Few” With Happy Hour Party

The country star invited a small group of friends and media for a few cocktails and a lesson on how to make them!

Travis Denning/Facebook

Travis Denning is celebrating his new single “After A Few” in the most fitting way possible — a happy hour!

On Thursday (July 18), Denning invited a small group of friends, media and other industry personnel to The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club in Nashville, TN to not only enjoy a few cocktails, but also learn how to make them!

Guests were able to closely observe how each unique cocktail was crafted with specialized instructions and teachings from an elite bartender. To add to the fun, Denning also supplied each guest with a small “After A Few Traveling Saloon” kit that includes “everything needed to craft two delicious old fashioned cocktails mid-flight.”

While Denning’s breakout hit “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” gained him loads of success, Denning says “After a Few” represents him better as a musician.

“‘David Ashley Parker …’ was — I’m a songwriter at heart, and I love telling stories. I try to be as goofy and funny as possible at all points in my life. But really, I’m a huge lover of music,” Denning tells The Boot. “And that’s probably the first thing that I ever fell in love with, was just loving all kinds of music.”

Be sure to catch Travis Denning out on the road with Riley Green for the Get That Man A Beer Tour and follow along with Travis on Facebook and Instagram!

Written by Mariah Crom

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