We ALL want the country love Keifer and Shawna Thompson have 😍

The married couple makes up the musical duo Thompson Square, who over their 10+ year career, have garnered numerous award nominations and wins, topped the charts with hits like “I Got You” and “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About” and more. And their newest single “Without You” is sure to be another success, as it “treats listeners to a fun, infectious message and enviable husband-and-wife harmonies.”

Within this hot new track, “We wanted the production to really drive. The dynamics and space in the song was intentional. We try not to over-produce and give the song space to breathe,” Keifer and Shawna revealed in an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets.

While the song was written by Tim Nichols, Anthony Olympia, and Brent Rupard, “adopting the meaning of the song in our lives was easy,” Thompson Square shared.

“We’d be no good without each other. It’s as simple as that,” the GRAMMY Award-nominated duo shared as the true meaning behind the track.

While we have been streaming “Without You” nonstop since its release earlier this year (March 10th), this is not the end of new music from the budding country stars…

“There’s an album in the works, but that’s all we can say for now,” the talented duo gushed, and we will be counting down the days until we can hear it for ourselves!

Until we can stream even more new tunes from Thompson Square, be sure to read our full Q&A with them below. Afterwards, let us know your thoughts by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post, or by sending us a tweet at @CS_Country.

You can learn more about the musical duo and stay updated on any upcoming releases and/or shows by connecting with them on Instagram @thompsonsquare and TikTok @thompsonsquare.

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Celeb Secrets: For people who may not know Thompson Square yet, can you explain your musical style as well as your musical beginnings?

Shawna Thompson: “I’ve been playing music since I was a little girl — Probably 7 or so with my dad. I’ve always had this dream to be a performer for as long as I can remember.”

Keifer Thompson: “I’ve always been obsessed with music. It’s always been a big part of my life. Although I didn’t actually start singing on stage until I was 16 or so, I’ve always wanted to do this and nothing else.”

Thompson Square: “Thompson Square leans towards ‘new country,’ but with elements of traditional country music, but we’re always evolving as many acts do. We were raised on traditional country music and we will always love it. We create what comes naturally to us. We try to produce music at the highest level possible. From songwriting to production to performance, we want our music to touch people, and it’s been amazing to see many of our songs do just that. We are very blessed to have the opportunity and very fortunate to have amazing fans.

CS: You two are husband and wife! What is the best part about working alongside your partner?

TS: “I think the best part is that we both got to see each other’s dreams realized. We wanted for each other as much as we wanted for ourselves. We get to spend more time together than most couples — That would be hard for many, but thank God it just works for us. It’s fun to live your best life with your best friend.”

CS: On the other hand, what is the most challenging part about working alongside your partner?

TS: “That answer has changed over the years. Currently, it’s having to be apart from our son. Since he’s started school, it’s been more difficult to take him on the road. For the first three years or so of his life, he was always with us on the road, and we made some great memories.”

CS: Your single “Without You” came out earlier this year (March 10th) — How does it feel to have yet another original song out in the world?

TS: “One of the best feelings in our world is to hear our music on the road. To see people saving our songs to their playlists and hearing them singing it back to us at our shows. We’re so very grateful.”

CS: Can you tell us a little bit about the meaning/story behind this track?

TS: “We didn’t write this one, so we’re not sure what the inspiration was, but for us, adopting the meaning of the song in our lives was easy. We’d be no good without each other. It’s as simple as that.”

CS: Who/what are some of your inspirations when creating your music in general?

TS: “Usually just life. The more you live and pay attention, the more great ideas you have to write about. Some are happy and some are sad, but when transplanted into music, it’s always good. Music is our life and music is our therapy.”

CS: Is there a certain lyric within “Without You” that you are especially proud of?

TS: “The one that sticks out to us and everyone, it seems, is ‘all chrome, no motor.’ For some reason, that line just makes the song…”

CS: If you could describe this song in three words, what would they be?

TS: “Fun, true, us.”

CS: If fans can take away one core message from this track, what would you want it to be?

TS: “I think that’s up to them and how this song and its message is adopted in their lives, but I’d assume that everyone has someone that they would be lesser than if they didn’t have them in their life.”

CS: If fans can take away one core message from your music as a whole, what would you want it to be?

TS: “We try to keep it simple. We try to keep it real. We hope that our music helps, inspires and gives fans a departure from a stressful reality.”


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♬ Without You – Thompson Square

CS: What did the process look like creating “Without You” in particular?

TS: “We wanted the production to really drive. The dynamics and space in the song was intentional. We try not to over-produce and give the song space to breathe.”

CS: Where do you typically channel your creativity when creating a new song?

TS: “The songs tend to tell you what they want to be and you just have to pay attention and not mess it up. We take years of listening to music that inspired us and put that into every second of the song, because a song lives forever, so there’s no room for shortcuts.”

CS: Is there a certain person that you really look up to when it comes to songwriting?

TS: “There are so many, but if we had to pick a few… Bruce Springsteen and Merle Haggard would be at the top of the list!”

CS: Is there a certain person that you would want to co-write with someday?

TS: “Again, there are so many. Bruce, obviously. I think it would be cool to write one with Ray Lemontane, Dave Grohl, and Diane Warren, just to see the different processes.”

CS: Is “Without You” a part of an upcoming project? If so, what can you tease to us?

TS: “Yes! There’s an album in the works, but that’s all we can say for now…”

CS: With the release of new music comes room for collaborations as well! Who is your dream collaboration?

TS: “That’s an easy one — Everyone we’ve mentioned above!”

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CS: Do you have any plans for live performances in 2023? If so, what can fans expect to see at a Thompson Square show?

TS: “We haven’t stopped touring in a long time, and we don’t plan to stop any time soon! Fans can expect all the hits and lots of fun new music!”

CS: Out of all of your songs, which one is your favorite to play live?

ST: “‘If I Didn’t Have You,’ because that song has so much personal meaning for me. It’s about my dad that I lost 11 years ago.”

KT: “For me, ‘Masterpiece.’ I wrote this about our son during a difficult time. It feels good to be able to sing that for him every night, even when he’s not there. It makes me feel close to him when we’re apart.”

CS: Do you have a certain city, venue or festival that you dream of performing at?

TS: “We’ve played a lot of great venues, but a bucket list venue would be Madison Square Garden. And yes, we know it’s a long shot, haha.”

CS: Do you have any goals for yourself in 2023 career-wise?

TS: “To put out a great record that we’re proud of, and to tour, tour, tour! We want to bring this new music to our fans. We have a lot of making up to do post-COVID.”

CS: Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish during your lifetime as an artist?

KT: “I want to put a GRAMMY on the shelf.”

ST: “A GRAMMY would be awesome, but being a member of the Grand Ole Opry is the main one for me.”

What has been the all-around most memorable moment in your musical journey so far?

TS: “Playing the Opry stage at the Ryman for the first time was unreal for both of us. Also, taking home a couple of ACMs and CMAs was something we just thought was for other people. That was life-changing.”

CS: Lastly, since we are Celeb Secrets, do you have any secrets about either yourself or your music that fans might not know?

TS: “Well, no — That’s why they’re called secrets!



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