At last Justin Moore has unleashed his highly anticipated 8-track album, Stay Dog, making country music proud with the engaging melodies and stirring narratives that explore romance on “With A Woman You Love,” jovial fun on “Everybody Get Along” featuring Riley Green, appreciation for the smaller pleasures in life on “Better Slow,” and more.

He keeps it raw and genuine as he has branded himself as a musician that aspires to create a life and career grounded in authenticity. This entails forging his own route and adhering to what’s best for him rather than conforming to the current trends to advance his profession. However, in doing so, the Justin has often felt alienated from his contemporaries in the music business as he demonstrates in his latest full-length album, Stray Dog.

“I hope, just like the rest of our stuff, it’s more songs that can help them. You know, the thing about country music, it can make you laugh when you need to do that or cry when you need to do that, or crank it up and open a beer when you wanna do that,” said the Grammy Award Winner in an interview discussing the latest release to Country Now. 

The songs in this collection, according to Moore, are intended to give listeners a safe space to experience whatever they may be in need of, be it comfort, joy, or time for introspection. Truly all reasons why we love both Justin Moore and his latest album!

Aside from Stray Dog, plenty of singles were featured on this week’s New Music Friday playlist that we seriously can’t get enough of — “Ghost Town” by Sam Barber, “Hometown Song” by Tigirlily Gold, “But I Got A Beer In My Hand” by Luke Bryan, “Mean Old Sun” by Turnpike Troubadours, “If I Die Young Pt. 2” by Kimberly Perry, “When My Baby’s In Boots” by Randall King, “Wild” by Carter Faith, “Chasing Tornadoes” by MacKenzie Porter, “Wrong Side of a Sunrise” by Adam Doleac, “Young Buck” by Larry Fleet , “Sleep On My Side” by Megan Moroney, and more.

We also had some fire collaborations from some of our favorite country stars such as Chris Janson, Dolly Parton and Slash for “21 Forever,” Spencer Crandall and Shaylen for “To Be Continued,” Shy Carter and Caitlyn Smith for “How Did You Sleep,” Canaan Smith and Emily Weisband for “Diamond on the Dresser” and seriously the list goes on!

It can easily be said that this week’s New Music Friday has plenty of heat to have on repeat all weekend long so to make things easier for you we’ve produced a selection of our top picks after thoroughly listening to all of this week’s outstanding releases below.

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Spencer Crandall and Shaylen- To Be Continued


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