New Music Friday: Megan Moroney Drops Post-Breakup Ballad “No Caller ID”

Check out our favorite New Music Friday picks this week from our favorite stars.

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It’s our favorite day of the week!

It’s a week for the girls. Songstress Megan Moroney is back with another post-breakup song “No Caller ID.” Moving past her Lucky era, relationship issues are not a new thing for the singer. We’ve heard “Fix You Too,” “Sleep On My Side” and “Reasons To Stay,” and now, “No Caller ID” is another piece to the puzzle.

Written with Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington and Jessie Jo Dillon, the song depicts an unwanted ex-boyfriend who keeps coming back around just when you’re finally pulling it together. She sings, “Here you come again, and there you go / No coincidence, you always know / When I’m movin’ on, you move back in / With a half-ass, “Sorry, how you been?” / Why do you do it? Do you just hate losin’? / Here you come again, who could it be / It’s 3 a.m., no caller ID.”

Megan Moroney isn’t the only one with a powerful new ballad this week. NBC‘s Songland winner Madeline Merlo released “Makeup;” an introspective song depicting flaws and trauma passed down the family tree – something we all can relate to.

Merlo says in a release, “I started this song shortly after I left a therapy session. It took me a while to realize that I am the product of two people who should have never been married. In that session, my therapist established a valid point that stuck with me that went something like, ‘So many things will be passed down to you but that doesn’t mean you have to take them.’ I went home and started stomping this out on the treadmill and before I knew it, I had a first verse and chorus.”

A number of projects from our favorite powerhouse country women have also made way this week and we are SO excited for them. Virginia Beach naive Ashley Anne introduced her six-song debut EP, dear dolly, released on Dolly’s birthday. The EP includes viral track “she ain’t texas” as well as a few other songs soaked with emotional songwriting. Brittney Spencer released her debut album, My Stupid Life, Robyn Ottolini released her six-song EP Growing Up To Do and Shelby Darrall released Melt (Sunset EP).

This week’s New Music Friday playlist is swimming with girl power. We covered some of the projects we are currently playing on repeat, but there are so many more singles to highlight. Our picks include Mackenzie Carpenter‘s “Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)” – Remix, Sierra Ferrell‘s “Dollar Bill Bar,” Mitchell Tenpenny‘s “Breaking My Heart,” Niko Moons “BETTER DAYS,” Chase Matthew‘s “We All Grow Up,” Owen Riegling‘s “Home Less,” Redferrin‘s “Doin’ Life,” Canaan Cox‘s “Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep,” Smithfield‘s “Don’t Know Myself,” A Thousand Horses‘ “No News,” Dalton Dover‘s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and Chase Bryant‘s “Don’t Forget About Me.”

A couple collaborations make the list this week. Logan Mize teamed up with Jessie James Decker for “If You’re Up” and Caitlyn Smith invited Ruston Kelly for “I Think Of You” apart of her newest collection, I Think of You (The Heartache Collection).

After listening to every single New Music Friday release, we created a list of our absolute favorites… Keep scrolling to see our picks, and be sure to let us know what you think of them by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post, or by sending us a tweet at @CS_Country.

Megan Moroney – “No Caller ID”

Madeline Merlo – “Makeup”

Ashley Anne – “american dream”

Brittney Spencer – “I Got Time”

Robyn Ottolini – “Heartless”

Mackenzie Carpenter – “Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)”

Shelby Darrall – “Melt (Sunset Version)”

Sierra Ferrell – “Dollar Bill Bar”

Mitchell Tenpenny – “Breaking My Heart”

Zach John King – “Anything But What It Was”

Niko Moon – “BETTER DAYS”

Chase Matthew – “We All Grow Up”


Owen Riegling – “Home Less”

Redferrin – “Doin’ Life”

Canaan Cox – “Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep”

Smithfield – “Don’t Know Myself”

A Thousand News – “No News”

Dalton Dover – “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Chase Bryant – “Don’t Forget About Me”

Logan Mize feat: Jessie James Decker – “If You’re Up”

Caitlyn Smith feat: Ruston Kelly – “I Think of You”



Written by Brianna Vacca

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