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Thompson Square Open Up About Their Long-Awaited Comeback: “We Are Newly Inspired” (Exclusive)

The husband and wife duo sits down with CS Country to talk about getting back to their roots after their two-year hiatus.

Credit: Ford Fairchild

If you’ve waiting for new music from Thompson Square, we are right there with ya.

On April 8, fans were finally able to hear a new tune for the first time in two years from the husband and wife duo, as they made their return to Country Music with the release of “Country In My Soul.” 

Taking listeners back to their roots with the upbeat song, “Country In My Soul” follows the 2019 “You Shoulda Been There” and marks their first since signing with Quartz Hill Records earlier in April. Upon its first week at Country Radio, the tune was the second most added song by stations nationwide.

While Thompson Square didn’t write the song themselves, the duo tells Celeb Secrets Country that the first time they heard it, it transported them back to their childhood and upbringing. They said the song immediately made them realize how important their roots are in everything they do. The group is hoping listeners will feel that too.

Credit: Ford Fairchild

And after a two year hiatus, the group says they feel newly inspired, but getting there took time. During the pandemic, Keifer and Shawna Thompson moved back out into the country to raise their son Cooper they way they were raised. Shawna tells Celeb Secrets Country that this new song really speaks to that upbringing and the duo’s current state of mind and way of life.

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Celeb Secrets Country: What was the inspiration behind this song? 

Shawna Thompson (Thompson Square): “Well, we didn’t write it and haven’t had a chance to really speak to the songwriters about it other than thanking them for writing such an awesome song, ha! Hearing Lainey Wilson do what she is doing musically, I’ve got a feeling we were brought up the same way with the same aspirations and love and respect for where we came from. ‘Country In My Soul’ is an extension of that.”

CS Country: How did it come about getting to work with Lainey Wilson, Daniel Ross and James McNair on this song?

Shawna Thompson: “We’ve actually never met. But, we have talked about getting together in the near future. The song was pitched to us through a publishing pitch, and then again through our label owner Benny Brown.”

CS Country: This is your first single since 2019. What has life been like since then? Did you plan on taking a bit of a break or did the pandemic have a lot to do with it?

Shawna Thompson: That’s a loaded question! Keifer and I have been independent for a while because we felt like we needed that for our musical souls, and so we could have more control over our career in order to be there for our son as much as possible. Then, of course, the pandemic happened. We have made the best of our down time and have really been focusing on family and music. We have always said, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ So we have learned to really let go and let God. After all, He is in control.”

Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild

CS Country: How would you say you’ve grown as musicians from your previous release to now? 

Shawna Thompson: We’ve lived a lot more life, we’ve become parents, and we made it through the pandemic together – where we learned a lot more about each other. Through all of this, our writing has been newly inspired, and we only want to release music that means something to us.”

CS Country: Since its release, the song was the second most added song by stations on country radio nationwide. How does this feel knowing that it is somewhat of a “comeback” single and you’ve had positive feedback so far?

Shawna Thompson: It was amazing to see our name back on the top of the most added list on add day. It’s been a while. We appreciate everyone at country radio so much for embracing us and our staff at Quartz Hill even more for their hard work to make that happen.”

CS Country: Is “Country In My Soul” a taste of what we can expect from the new material, if there is any on the way? 

Shawna Thompson: “Absolutely, we feel like it is the perfect sample. We will be getting back to our roots.”

CS Country: Are there any goals you’d like to accomplish that you’ve set for yourselves this year? 

Shawna Thompson: “In this business, we feel like it is best if you take things as they come. Again, our motto has always been everything happens for a reason. And God is the only one who has that plan. But, if we had to pick one goal it would be to be back on the road as much as possible seeing our fans more often – and making new ones.”

CS Country: Since we’re Celeb Secrets Country, do you have any secrets (fun facts) about the song’s creative process that we wouldn’t know by listening to it?

Shawna Thompson: “In ‘Country In My Soul,’ we did change a couple of lyrics to make it fit my story and upbringing a little more. Lainey is from Louisiana, and I’m from Alabama. Lucky for me it rhymes in the chorus. And also the first line of the second verse: ‘Daddy played the six string I sang Patsy.’ My Daddy used to play guitar for me, so I could sing when I was little. He is the whole reason why I sing and know what I know about country music. So, those small changes just made it more authentic to me.”

Written by Holly Bock

Holly Bock is a News and Feature Contributor for Celeb Secrets Country. Holly grew up on country music and has a passion for sharing artists' stories. When she's not at a country music concert or jamming to Luke Combs with her windows down, you can find her hiking, trying new food places and hanging with her dog Nash.

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