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Adam Sanders Is Ready To Put His Mark On Music City with New Album ‘What If I’m Right’ (Listen)

“Nashville is a ten-year town and I’m a testament to that,” says the talented singer and songwriter.

Nashville is known for being a ten-year town amongst aspiring musicians. It takes a special someone with a go-getter attitude and a strong passion for music to climb the industry ladder. There is one storyteller in particular who has made a name for themselves within the songwriter community, and it’s none other than Adam Sanders.

“Nashville is a ten-year town and I’m a testament to that,” says the emerging artist about his rise to fame.

Do the tracks “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” by Cole Swindell or “Hell of a Night” by Dustin Lynch ring a bell? Well, Sanders was the creative mind behind these mega-successful hits that reached No.1 on the charts.

Throughout his 12 short years in Nashville, the talented writer and performer worked alongside leading names such as – Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Dierks Bentley. However, while putting pen to paper for other influential voices in the honky-tonk town, he was carefully crafting a collection of ballads behind the scenes. Now, Adam Sanders has branched out and recently released his highly anticipated debut album What If I’m Right.

“It’s taken me ten years to get here, so I am so confident in what we have built and the brand of the music,” says Sanders in an exclusive Celeb Secrets Country interview. “As an independent artist, I have only released singles, EPs, and I have never done a full-length studio album before.”

Throughout the years, the Florida-native would test the market with several singles in order to see what fans would gravitate towards. With a strong sense of understanding of the needs and wants of music-goers, the powerhouse vocalist was able to put his best foot forward with his new project. The 13-track album showcases a unique sound, as he combines modern musical elements with his nineties country influences.

When Celeb Secrets Country asked him about the distinctive blend, he confessed that it was the Nashville-based alternative rock group The Band Camino inspired him to take a different approach when writing and producing What If I’m Right. “This past summer, Dustin Lynch and I were out on the lake hanging out and he introduced me to The Band Camino. This band has changed my life because we basically took what I do and nineties country and we paired it with some of the elements that they do… I am calling it “Camino Country.”

The album doesn’t just showcase his rare sound — it delivers relatable and personal storylines. The track “What If I’m Right” highlights his journey from singer/songwriter to artist and how he put everything out on the line to pursue his dreams. The upbeat anthem “Do What We Do” is a beautiful track about hard-working blue-collar workers in America. Lastly, we have “Daddy Jesus and Earnhardt” which was originally written for Cole Swindell.

“So, I have a song on the album called ‘Daddy Jesus and Earnhardt’ and I wrote this song with Cole Swindell. The original plan was for Cole to release the song itself as a single, and it just didn’t work out, sort of time-wise for him. So, decided to record it, but it was almost a Cole Swindell song,” shares Sanders about the songwriting process.

The top-charting musician also warned country fans to keep their eyes glued to his social media for announcements, because he is set to release a whole other album later this year. So, while you memorize every lyric to his What If I’m Right record, buckle up because we are expecting to see this deep-rooted country soloist reach new heights sooner than later.

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Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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