High Valley Talks New Album “Dear Life” and Touring – Exclusive Interview


High Valley will be making their official debut with Dear Life next month and we could not be more excited for them!

Dear Life is a fantastic mixture between bluegrass and new country. The 11 songs that make up the record, produced by Seth Mosley, reflect the hope of a life well-loved and well-lived. The band enlisted its dedicated fans to choose each of the tracks on the album, making their selections via the High Valley app. The high energy hit and first single from the upcoming record, “Make You Mine,” is written by High Valley’s Brad Rempel along with Ben Stennisand Mosley and has already accumulated more than 5.75 million streams. We highly recommend listening to every song on this album because every single one is unique in its own way.

To get hyped up for the big release, Celeb Secrets Country joined Brad and Curtis Rempel this past week at Warner Music Nashville for an exclusive chat to talk about Dear Life, touring with Martina McBride, Snapchat filters and favorite sports teams. You have to read the full Q&A below for more!

Available for pre-order now, Dear Life will officially hit all music retailers on Friday, November 17th.

Celeb Secrets Country: Your new album, Dear Life, is coming out so soon! What are you most excited for?

Curtis: “For me, when I find something that I love, I just want to share it with everybody! Whether it’s a new app or a new cooking recipe or an actual cookie or brisket sandwich, but in this case it’s the songs and we are so thrilled with the way this album turned out and we just can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Brad: “We think it will make the world a more joyful place. Once a week right now there is a new song everywhere on Spotify or iTunes, which is helping, but we can’t wait for them to hear everything.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Do you guys have a favorite song off it?

Curtis: “I think the title track, “Dear Life,” is my jam right now.”

Brad: “It depends on how I feel that day. If I’m feeling sentimental, then “Don’t Stop” is probably my favorite. As far as songs that summarize our record, “Make You Mine” and “Dear Life” are the bullseye of what our album is.”

Curtis: “There’s another song called “Soldier.” I love it. Its just fun.”

Celeb Secrets Country: What is your favorite part about the app you guys have?

Curtis: “I like the perk claiming. I can go and create anything, whether it’s a song or an image, or even a live chat, and throw it out there and limit it to a specific number of fans and whoever claims it first gets to be involved in whatever that is. I can have an exclusive fans with the first ten fans that show up and we can just chat. I’ve done it sitting on a plane after we board and we haven’t taken off yet, I’ll just sit there on my phone and chat with fans, its fun!”

Celeb Secrets Country: What was your favorite part about your tour this summer?

Brad: “Summer tour was amazing! Now we are on the Martina McBride tour, I like that it’s the same temperature every day at our shows. During the summer we would be in 40 degrees or 100 degrees, more often 100 degrees, and Martina has just been awesome. She is treating us amazing. We love opening for somebody because not everybody knows who we are, or care quite honestly, we’re just the opening act. We walk out there and have 30 minutes to prove ourselves to these people. It’s a huge adrenaline rush, because we go out there and they’re looking at the ground and all of a sudden we’re forcing them to stand up and dance, by the end of the show, they’re waiting in a massive line for merchandise and autographs. To see that transformation is the coolest.”



Celeb Secrets Country: What was one of the funniest moments from either your summer or current tour?

Brad: “The funniest moments are when you get the most tired, and they’re actually not funny moments, but you think they are.”

Curtis: “I think the funniest is whenever our bass player starts tap dancing in the front lounge of the bus. Its hard to explain but he’s hilarious.”

Brad: “We make up songs to the tune of other songs. ‘Kiss your mom on the lips before you leave on tour, because you might not see her again, 1, 2, 3, and 4’ that’s our latest hook, Dave, our bass player wrote that to the instrumental part of one of Metallica’s songs.”

Celeb Secrets Country: What do you do for fun on the road?

Brad: “We try to get out there and experience the towns we are in. When we were in Philadelphia, we had philly cheesesteaks at a Philly’s game, when we were in Boston we walked the Freedom Trail, when we were in Portland we saw as many hipsters as we possibly could, we try and see some things that everybody talks about. You want to border the be a touristy tourist, and getting to know something legit. The coolest way I think, is that Curtis is obsessed with finding cool restaurants.”

Curtis: “Local stuff, like what is this town crazy about that you can only get in this town? Whatever that is, usually food, I want to go experience it. Even if I don’t like it.”

Brad: “In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is a place with puffy tacos, basically like a puffed up taco. And then there is wrestling live in the restaurant on Friday nights, while you’re eating.”

Curtis: “Nothing like eating a taco while these Mexican guys are punching each other in the face. This taco sure is those good, how about those tights?”


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Celeb Secrets Country: What do you think makes you guys unique and different from other country artists?

Brad: “Our lack of exposure to what everybody else grew up with such as Hank and Willy and Johnny Cash, we just knew Ricky Skaggs and what people call irrelevant references, not the country stuff that everyone knows. We had the country gospel stuff and the blue grass stuff, we missed a bunch of stuff, and now we love Imagine Dragons and One Republic and Dierks Bentley. Our music is a mixture of this super old school stuff and brand new stuff, what makes us unique is that we don’t have that pop culture that everybody else had.”



Celeb Secrets Country: What are your favorite Snapchat filters?

Curtis: “I like the ones that make your face all weirdly shaped. I do like the voice changing ones.”

Brad: “I don’t have one. This is where you can notice our age difference the most, he’s way more in to gadgets and technology than me.”


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Celeb Secrets Country: Who are your favorite sports teams?

Brad: “For hockey, I’m a huge Predators fans, and I have a lot of friends in that organization, but we have good friends on a whole bunch of teams so I follow like 8 teams.”

Curtis: “I like the Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton was our local team growing up, it was 500 miles south of where we lived.”

Brad: “People in our town had season tickets and would go to every game. 500 miles away. In the NFL, the Seahawks is my family’s team, just because my kids’ football team is the hawks, and we have Seahawks jerseys, so by default they care about that. So when we went to Seattle on a radio tour, I came home with some Marshawn Lynch stuff and they boys were very thrilled about it.”

Celeb Secrets Country: How did you come up with some of your songs?

Brad: ““Young Forever” we wrote while on the beach with my family. My boys were throwing a ball in the waves at Pensacola Beach and I was trying to freeze that moment in time. Same with “Memory Makin’.” Basically I’m an incredibly nostalgic person and my biggest fear in life is getting older and missing out on something. The whole record is like a letter to life and asking questions about the future and kind of begging it to chill out and slow down, we wrote songs about exactly that.”


Celeb Secrets Country: What is one food that you guys can’t live without?

Curtis: “I don’t know what I would do if cheeseburgers were removed from this planet.”

Brad: “I could live without cheeseburgers, but without chocolate I would be stressed out.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, what are some secrets that you have other than the ones in our previous interview?

Brad: “I had a waterbed, a used one, we were 6 years apart, so when I was 12 and he was 6, once a week as a reward, for being alive I guess, he got to have a sleepover with me.”

Curtis: “On Friday nights mom and dad would let me sleep in the waterbed with Brad. On a weekly basis, Brad would give me a couple of hockey cards on Fridays.”

Brad: “So a trip to the waterbed and hockey cards. He got a little seasick sometimes on the waterbed.”

Curtis: “One night specifically, I woke up at the end of a dream and vomited all over Brad’s CDs- Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, they were all marinating.”

Brad: “When we got married, my wife really didn’t want a waterbed, but I thought it was the most amazing thing, so I kept it.”

Curtis: “The same one from when we were little kids!”

Brad: “So there we are, moved in to this little house. We were moved in less than a year and the waterbed popped. I woke up in the middle of the night, it didn’t pop in some amazing sexual way that you would think, it just popped. So I was laying there, and all of a sudden there is water all over me so I was like ‘Did you pee?!’ to my wife. So my wife thinks I’m insane for accusing her of wetting the bed.”

Curtis: “You think her bladder size is literally like an ocean.”

Brad: “Don’t ever get a waterbed is the moral of the story.”

Written by Isabel Baldinger

Isabel is an intern for Celeb Secrets Country. Originally from New Jersey, she is currently living the dream in Nashville while getting her degree in Music Business from Belmont University. If she is not in class or interviewing artists, she is at a concert, at Hotbox, hanging out with friends, traveling, lounging around at Tin Roof, or eating tacos.


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