New Music Friday: Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen Team Up For Sentimental New Duet “Mamaw’s House”

This Friday’s New Music Friday playlist is overloaded with new music from our favorite country music stars.

Country music superstar’s Morgan Wallen and Thomas Rhett have teamed up this week for a moving new tribute to their grandmas in “Mamaw’s House.”

Written with Chase McGill and Matt Dragstrem, the song is painted with warming sentiments that take you right back to that happy place – grandma’s house.

The latest release is featured on Rhett’s newest album 20 Number Ones, which is also home to chart-topping singles “Make Me Wanna,” “Die A Happy Man,” “Crash and Burn,” “It Goes Like This” and more.

The song opens up with Wallen saying, “Sorry y’all, my mamas called me. I’ll be right back,” and then his grandma proceeds, ‘“What’s up Morgan?”

He sings, “It was always hotter than the grease she used to fry that chicken  / Smelled like Marlboro Reds and all that butter from her biscuits / And that Lincoln in the driveway, circa 1982 / Was on the shiny side of rusty and on the paler side of blue / ‘Cussin and complainin’ weren’t allowed in Mamaw’s house.”

Rhett follows up, “She’d ask if I was hungry every thirty seconds / And say things like ‘hellfire,’ ‘tarnation’ and ‘I reckon’s’ / It’s where I spent my summers and she put me to work / Shellin’ peas and shuckin’ corn until my fingers hurt / No tellin’ who I’d have been with.” 




Many other releases are serving as apart of this week’s New Music Friday including Riley Green, ERNEST, Elvie Shane, Randy Houser, Meghan Patrick, Renee Blair, Erin Kinsey, Brittney Spencer and Canaan Cox.

A lot of collaborations have also emerged this Friday including Brad Paisley with Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas for “Son Of The Mountains,” Flatland Cavalry with Kaitlin Butts for “Mornings With You,” Joy Oladokun and Chris Stapleton for “Sweet Symphony” and Roman Alexander with Karley Scott Collins for “Downtime.”

Dustin Lynch has released his full length project, Killed The Cowboy, as well as Walker Hayes’s New Money

We also HIGHLY recommend checking out Troy Cartwright’s “girl I’ve loved before,” Tyler Chambers’ “It’s Raining” and Chancey Williams’ “I’m On the Whiskey.”

After going through ALL of this week’s New Music Friday releases, we made list of our favorites below. Be sure to let us know what you think of our picks by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post, or by sending us a tweet at @CS_Country.

Thomas Rhett feat: Morgan Wallen – “Mamaw’s House”

Riley Green – “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That No More”

ERNEST – “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Circle Sessions)” 

Dustin Lynch – “Honky Tonk Heartbreaker”

Walker Hayes – “New Money”

Elvie Shane – “Pill”

Randy Houser – “Cancel”

Meghan Patrick – “The Boy Who Cried Drunk (The Demo)”

Renee Blair – “Wilder Than the West”

Erin Kinsey – “never been closer 5.22.22”

Brittney Spencer – “Bigger Than The Song”

Canaan Cox – “Lost and Found”

Brad Paisley feat: Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas – “Son Of The Mountains”

Flatland Cavalry feat: Kaitlin Butts – “Mornings With You”

Joy Oladokun feat: Chris Stapleton – “Sweet Symphony”

Roman Alexander feat: Karley Scott Collins – “Downtime”

Troy Cartwright – “girl I’ve loved before”

Tyler Chambers – “It’s Raining”

Chancey Williams – “I’m On the Whiskey”


Written by Brianna Vacca

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