With her rock and roll solo career definitely under way, Anna Rose is ready to bring her songwriting prowess and some fresh tunes to the country music scene.

The singer-songwriter, who has been honing her music writing skills over the past few years, has been teasing her full length project throughout 2023 by sharing real, honest songs that resonate with all types of music fans, including “Already Gone,” “Pray To The Trees,” “Alameda,” “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” and “Back On My Bulls**t.”

““Already Gone” was one of those songs that honestly fell out of me,” Rose said, in an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets Country. “I don’t think I realized how I felt truly until I wrote it. It’s something that happens to me every once in a while, a song will just fall out of me and in some ways it feels like a connection to a higher muse; it’s almost like journaling in that you don’t really know how you feel until you see it on paper.”


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The most painful part of writing the album, she says, was looking back at her work when it was done.

Speaking specifically about the song, Rose said that it was not really about anyone else.

“It’s about overcoming adversity and knowing when it’s time to leave something that is not healthy anymore and loving yourself enough to do that,” she said.

All songwriters take inspiration from the styles of the artists that they admire, and Rose is no different. Rose’s album is influenced by artists like Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin, and Lucinda Williams, as well as songwriters like Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo and Portishead, and Tricky. Her influences, she says, are “from all over the map.”

“As a songwriter, I focus on the song and what I am trying to say as an individual but as an artist in a room with a producer, or myself as the producer, it’s my job to come in with influences of how I want something to sound,” Rose said. “That’s where I hone in on why something feels influential and call upon that to help me make the best record I can – a recording that truly sounds like me.”

Her hope is that people will become more aware of their own self worth after hearing her song.

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“Already Gone” is part of a concept album that Rose made called Last Girl Of The Rodeo that is available beginning today (August 25). Last Girl Of The Rodeo finds Rose venturing into new territory, both vocally and instrumentally.  Lyrically, the album threads one nuanced conceptual narrative through its diverse sonic spectrum. Rose penned most of the tracks herself, overtaken by an urgent need to tell the story.

“I am so proud of everyone that I’ve worked with on this album and everyone who is on my team who helped bring this album to life,” Rose said.

Her biggest goal for 2023 is for people to connect through this record in whatever way is meaningful to them, whether that is through Spotify and Apple Music, the radio, hearing it on their friend’s Tik Tok, or through word of mouth.

Rose and her team had the movie Wayne’s World playing in the background while they recorded the album. Hopefully, fans of Rose can find the same joy and contentment, listening to her album! 

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