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Budding Artist Leah Marie Mason Reminisces On Her Upbringing In New Single “Me Or My Hometown” (Exclusive)

Leah Marie Mason has big plans for the rest of 2023 – LEARN MORE!

After releasing hits like “Trust Fund Cowboy” and “Holy Water,” talented singer-songwriter Leah Marie Mason is back with a brand new single that is destined to tug at heartstrings.

Me Or My Hometown” dropped on all music streaming platforms this past Friday (March 10), and it is truly a must listen – evoking raw emotions that all listeners can relate to.

In an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets, the budding country star revealed the true meaning behind the hot new track that reflects on her hometown and big move to Nashville, Tennessee in 2019.

Courtesy of OH Creative

According to Mason, “Me Or My Hometown” is about “just like the nostalgia and, you know, just kind of the feeling of everything’s changing and there’s nothing [you] can do about it.”

“When I first brought in the idea of ‘Me Or My Hometown,’ I had just gone home for the first time without any of my friends being there, just being at my parents’ house alone, and it made me realize how it will never like be the same as it was,” she shared. “I’ll never have that like high school, you know, era back where you see your friends literally every day.”

Mason moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2019 to attend Belmont University and pursue country music. However, her move from her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina was “very hard.”

“I don’t do well with change,” explained the songstress. “I didn’t know anyone when I moved here either, so I felt very like alone, scared and vulnerable.”

She continued, “It was emotionally draining, but I am thankful because now I like have my people and my team and I have really great people around me. It’s been worth the uphill battle, but I’m in a really good place now and I’m honestly happier than I’ve ever been.”

Courtesy of OH Creative

To make the release of “Me Or My Hometown” even more exciting,  Mason also announced her debut EP! Honeydew & Hennessy is set to release on April 14.

 “MY DEBUT EP HONEYDEW & HENNESSY IS OUT 4/14 😭😭😭” the fast-rising star wrote on Instagram. “My first project ever I actually can’t believe it :’) pre save is in my bio now 🤍🤍🤍”

The EP will feature pre-released hits like “Holy Water” and “Trust Fund Cowboy,” as well as unreleased songs “Montana Fantasy,” “Red Ruby Boots” and more. The vocalist proves that she is far from a surface-level writer, as it will explore relatable themes like self-discovery, heartbreak, and more. The debut project is sure to show listeners who the talented musician is at her very core.

“The EP is basically kind of my journey, like this whole past year of like, you know, finding myself, finding my sound, finding the people I love to work with creatively,” she gushed. “I feel like this whole project that I have coming out speaks to a lot of like my sound and who I am and, you know, where I’m going as an artist… It’s very exciting and I’m very excited for everyone to be able to hear it. It’s different, but it’s me,” she continued.

The singer continued to touch upon the overall message and hopes that her devoted fanbase “feel something.”

“I just want people to feel like the way that, you know, ‘Rumours‘ by Fleetwood Mac makes me feel,” she said with a beaming smile. “Just like feel all the emotions, you know? That’s what I want it to be. This like emotive piece of work.”

Be sure to connect with Leah Marie Mason on Instagram @leahmmason and TikTok @leahmmason to see everything leading up to the highly-anticipated release of her debut EP, and check out our full interview below for more behind-the-scenes secrets. Let us know your thoughts on budding country star by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @celebsecrets.

Written by Melanie Rooten

Melanie is has been an intern at Celeb Secrets since May of 2022. Born and raised in Orange County, California, she is currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma. Studying public relations with minors in both digital marketing and Spanish, Melanie dreams of working in the music/entertainment industry full-time after college. During her free time, she loves going to concerts, binging her favorite TV shows, spending time with her friends and family, and cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners.

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