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Ben Gallaher Says His New Music is “Authentic, Edgy and Passionate” (Exclusive)

The budding country singer just dropped two new songs last Friday (April 22).

Photo by David Abbott

2022 has been treating Ben Gallaher well so far, as he’s not only been releasing new music, but also climbing up the Country Radio Charts.

The budding Country crooner dropped two new songs on Friday (April 22), striking a nostalgic chord with upbeat rocker “Country in the House” and b-side “all or nothing” anthem “Anything But You.” 

Co-written by Gallaher with Tony Martin and Neil Thrasher, “Country in the House” was inspired by Ben’s musical influences growing up. “I wrote ‘Country in the House’ with Neil Thrasher and Tony Martin. It was the first time I wrote with them. Neil said “Man, what did you grow up listening to?” And I said, “Growing up, it was just country in the house. That’s all I listened to.” And he stopped me right there and said “that’s what we’re writing today.” It’s a rocker,” Gallaher said in a statement. 

For “Anything But You,” the one-to-watch singer/songwriter teamed up with Anthony Smith and Tim James for a Zoom co-write during the height of COVID lockdowns to express Ben’s love for his wife.

“I wrote ‘Anything But You’ with Anthony Smith and Tim James over zoom during the covid lockdowns,” continues Gallaher. “My favorite line in that song is ‘Let the world go crazy, cause baby I could stand to lose, anything, anything but you,’ because it was especially true at that moment when the world was in fact crazy. I wrote this song about my wife and overall, it’s a love song that says I could lose it all but as long as I have her, I’m good.”

Both “Country in the House” and “Anything But You” are a follow-up to Ben’s recently released “Country, Boy,” which debuted as the #3 Most Added Song at U.S. Country Radio, earning double digit adds and marking the biggest chart debut of the rising star’s career. 

“To have a song being played globally on the radio that I wrote with my buddies, played guitar on, and sang is surreal! It’s been a life-long journey to get here, but at the same time, it’s just the beginning,” Ben told CS Country in an exclusive interview.

Released digitally on 3/25 and co-written by Gallaher with Carlton Anderson and Jacob Powell, “Country, Boy” celebrates handshake deals and the do-right mindset that is the core of the country lifestyle – something Gallaher serves from experience, given his middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania upbringing.

“I wrote ‘Country, Boy’ with Carlton Anderson and Jacob Powell. We’re originally from three different parts of the country, but realized we’re all cut from the same cloth. ‘Country’ isn’t rooted in material things or where you live. It’s about character, values, and treating people good,” he shared. “‘Country, Boy’ has always reacted really well live. It connected with fans from the first time I played it – that was a big driver to release it.”

The single earned 20 station adds in key markets across the country. Early station supporters include WMIL (Milwaukee), WQYK (Tampa), KNUC (Seattle), WRBT (Harrisburg), KBEQ (Kansas City), KSOP (Salt Lake City), KCYE (Las Vegas), WWGR (Ft. Myers), WOGI (Pittsburgh), WKMK (Monmouth), WJVC (Nassau), WWQM (Madison), KRTY (San Jose), WCKN (Charleston), KXLY (Spokane), WGTY (York), KCCY (Colorado Springs), WKRO (Daytona Beach), KJUG (Visalia-Tulare) and Music Choice (“Today’s Country”).

All three songs are a taste of what listeners can expect from the artist’s debut full-length project that’s expected to drop sometime this year. Describing it as “authentic, edgy and passionate,” Gallaher says that his upcoming full-length record can be compared to “a winding road.” 

“I look at a full-length record as a winding road. A musical journey that’s centered around the lyrics. Some songs are up-hill and some songs are down-hill. But there’s a cohesiveness that binds them all together to make a full record. That’s what fans can expect,” he said.   

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Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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