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LOCASH’s New EP “Woods & Water” is a Breath of Fresh Outdoor Air (Exclusive)

The dynamic duo dish on their latest set of songs and the inspiration behind them.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sweet Talk Publicity

LOCASH has done it again! The dynamic country duo has rolled out another infectious collection of songs, but this time with a distinct outdoors theme.

Woods & Water pays homage to the pair’s treasured outdoor escapes — for Chris Lucas, out on the water — and for Preston Brust, into the woods.

Like a vacation on replay, the five fresh tracks give listeners a feel good escape. During a media session, Lucas and Brust explained that the idea for this theme came to them as an inevitable truth while seeking out vacations of their own.

“It kind of hit me when we were stuck at home during the pandemic and I was talking to Chris and he says, ‘I’m going to take my family to the beach,’ and, I said, ‘I think I’m gonna take mine to the Smokey Mountains.’ And I was like, wait, we really are woods and water,” Brust said.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sweet Talk Publicity

Their real life love for these two elements shine through not only in their leisure, but also in their work. Brust explained that the constant reminder of their woods and water roots was a sign they could not deny.

“I mean like our love for each one of those things is so authentic and so, you know, as we were writing the songs, they just started piling up and we were like, ‘Wait, this one’s starting to sound kind of beachy and this one’s starting to sound kind of woodsy,’ and we’re like, ‘Okay, we got something going here. We can’t run from it.'”

Taking this theme and running with it, the men behind the music sought to give fans something that will make them feel good while listening.

“I think we just wanted to be LOCASH and keep it that normal positive area,” Lucas said. “That outcome when we come out after writing a song and performing it, we write sad songs, there’s no doubt we do, but we just want to be those guys where you have that song on the radio and it hits you. It hits for that three minutes where it takes you to that spot, wherever that is, that puts you in a better mood. And that’s what LOCASH is all about. We want to make you smile. That doesn’t mean it’s all lighthearted or anything like that, cause there’s some meat and potatoes on this EP, but it does still make you smile, even ‘Small Town for Life.’ You don’t even have to be from a small town to understand what that song means and it’s pretty cool. Like I said, the timing is awesome and we’ve always been able to keep that LOCASH positivity thing going even through these negative times.”

With beachside country jams and woodsy tracks, it’s hard to not find something to smile about in this song collection.

LOCASH shared with us that they are most excited to take “Beach Boys” on the road with them as they gear up for Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

“Beach Boys”, for sure,” Lucas exclaimed. “I mean, it’s, especially in Tortuga, they’re going to go crazy in Tortuga over that song. But I feel like it’s familiar to everyone, even the younger crowd. Like when we first got it, like I said, we are so picky, I’ve sat down like my friends, you know, daughters and sons, 15, 16 years old and played all these songs for them before they were anything and they all went to ‘Beach Boys.’ So it’s the familiar. I said, ‘What is it?’ They’re like, ‘We could sing along to it the I get around.’ I’m like, ‘Do you realize that came out in the fifties, you know, in the fifties and sixties.’ And they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, well we know The Beach Boys, but we don’t know their music.’ And then I play Beach Boys music cause they’re like, ‘We know that song.’ So the familiar of that song is going to grow. I feel like it’s one of the best songs we’ve written since ‘I Love This Life’ and I kind of tend to say this…. It reminds me of ‘Cruise.’ It has that vibe. It’s different from anything else you hear when it came out. And this has that vibe. And I hope to God, it is like ‘Cruise’ and It does sell like that.”

Pulling together fans of all ages, the song really is a rare work of country music art. Celeb Secrets Country sat down (virtually) with LOCASH to learn more about this infectious track with such a unique vibe! Check out the full interview below!

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