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Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Releases Debut Solo Album (Listen)

Kelley has introduced fans to his voice as a solo artist with new album, “Sunshine State of Mind.”

Photo Credit: Ben Christensen

Brian Kelley has taken his first step into his solo career with the release of his debut solo album, Sunshine State of Mind. 

Kelley, known for his part as one half of Florida Georgia Line, is now introducing fans to his voice as an independent artist with 17 smashing songs.

The Florida native has taken his musical talents and used them in a homage to his roots as a “Beach Cowboy.” The album, which was co-written and co-produced alongside Corey Crowder, is presented under a partnership between Warner Music Nashville and Kelley’s Nashville South Records, Inc.

Kelley shared in a press release that the track “Boat Names” not only served as a musical love letter to wife Brittney Marie Cole, but as the “guiding light” on the love letter to the Florida coast that is this album.

“Sunshine State of Mind is a big piece of me and my heart, and I’m so excited for everyone to finally hear it,” said Kelley. “It all starts out with ‘Boat Names’ – my favorite song on the album and the very first one I wrote for it. It’s the anchor and guiding light for this project. And it’s a love song and dedication to my love, Brittney.”

The song “Boat Names” is accompanied by a cinematic masterpiece music video that encapsulates viewers into a love story inspired by Kelley and Cole’s real life romance.

And while “Boat Names” is easily our favorite song on the track list, we have ranked all 17 replay-worthy tunes below!

1. “Boat Names”

Coming in at number one, “Boat Names” not only won our hearts with its picture perfect music video but its catchy lyrics! This pop meets country ballad is the perfect seaside summer love song.

2. “Beach Cowboy”

As the song goes, “Yeah, they call me Beach Cowboy,” we call this “a smash hit.” “Beach Cowboy” gives listeners a taste of BK’s care free lifestyle back in Florida. This slow paced track delivers a cool summer vibe you won’t want to skip.

3. “Party On The Beach”

“Party On The Beach” is perfectly titled as a go-to party track. This song delivers all the light hearted easy going vibes with a catchy tune to follow.

4. “Real Good Day”

It is a “Real Good Day” for a song like this to be released! This track pays homage to all the good vibrations in Kelley’s life. We can’t deny the feel good vibes are hard to resist when this song plays!

5.”Sunday Service In The Sand”

As Kelley tells us about his seaside Sunday service, we can’t help but think this is a song we have been praying for! “Sunday Service In The Sand” shares Kelley’s gratitude to “the man upstairs,” delivered in a package of catchy lyrics and a head-bopping tune.

6. “Florida Boy Forever”

“Florida Boy Forever”  completely captures the mantra behind this album! No matter where Kelley goes in his nationwide career, he will always have a love for his roots in Florida. The Ormond Beach native puts this big idea into some incredible lyrics that give a taste of his home.

7. “Songs For You”

If you’re looking for a ballad that delivers a romantic message in a beachy package, this is definitely the song for you. Perfectly placed as our lucky number 7, we’re calling all couples by the seaside to this addicting track titled “Songs For You.”

8. “Highway On The Water”

“Highway On The Water” is a care-free boaters anthem. The catchy track tells of hitting the water without a care for where you are heading or how long you are gone. And while the song praises going with the flow and not planning much, plan to have this song on your playlist for a good time.

9. “Sunburnt, Barefoot and In Love”

It is safe to say we are “Sunburnt, Barefoot and in Love” with this sweet song. Adding to the list of totally romantic tracks on the album, this song will make your heart sing, as it follows a blooming beachy romance.

10. “Fish All Day”

“Fish All Day” gives listeners a sample itinerary for a sunshine state of mind. In this song, Kelley invites fans to do as he would, fishing all day and loving all night. As the song sings “Catch a little sunshine medication/Little maritime meditation,” we can’t help but feel this catchy tune gives us a bit of both!

11. “Boat Ride”

When a song’s lyrics can transport you to a place, you know you have a winner. “Boat Ride” takes listeners to the crystal blue waters of the Panhandle for an easy going day on the water. Whether you’re playing this song while on a boat or miles away from the ocean, this track delivers a little slice of paradise anywhere it goes.

12. “Made By The Water”

“Made By The Water” is the perfect tune for those who also have it made by the water. Now If you don’t have your toes in the sand, then this track may make you envious of Kelley’s picture perfect vision. However, this song is one that is a must add to any vacation playlist!

13. “Savannah”

Taking a turn from the Florida focus, this song shares Kelley’s wishes to be out on a river in “Savannah” instead of landlocked in Tennessee. Although this song may seem to stray from the beach-side theme, the tune sports a real classic country feel that is worth a listen.

14. “Say The Word”

“Say The Word” is the perfect tune for those who have just left vacation and are teasing the idea of going right back to paradise! Kelley tempts all travelers with lyrics such as, “That Bahama breeze through the Keys on that big white boat/I know we just got home/ But girl, if you wanna head back down to heaven on Earth/Just say the word.”

15. “Don’t Take Much”

This sweet song is for the lovebirds who are content with the little things. Kelley sings out for the couples with a love that “Don’t Take Much.” Though we feel the love songs listed above may be a touch more addicting, we can’t deny this song is a winner as well!

16.”By Boat”

Keeping the nautical theme alive, Kelley pens another track with boats in the forefront of his inspiration. This song feels like a true love letter to boat life. Kelley sings out a promise to one day make it to heaven “By Boat.”

17. “Horses On The Beach”

Coming in last but hardly least, as this album delivered hits on every track, is “Horses On The Beach.” Kelley sets our sights on North Carolina in this song. He tells of a secluded place with can’t-miss sunsets and horses on the sand. Fans can agree the vision he delivers sounds like paradise with a song to match.

With 17 incredible new songs under his belt, Kelley has shown that the future for his independent career is looking bright!

Take a listen to the entire album below and see if your rankings match up to our list! Be sure to let us know what you think by sending us a tweet @CS_Country.

Written by Kelly Gilmore

Kelly is a senior broadcast journalism student at the University of Central Florida! She has an unquenchable passion for all things pop culture and entertainment news. When she isn't writing articles, hosting interviews or working on entertainment news, Kelly can be found binge-watching her favorite shows.

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