Tyler Hubbard is making life a bit simpler these days. What makes it simpler? No social media.

”Back when you took a pic and didn’t have to post it,” is a lyric of his from his single “Back Then Right Now,” written with Jessie Jo Dillion, Geoff Warburton and David Garcia, that hits home for the “5 foot 9” singer.

Hubbard got personal with Taste of Country Nights’ host Evan Paul and confessed that he doesn’t keep social media on his phone. He said, “I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures for posting lately, and it’s been good. I’m just being present, man.”

He continues, “I do turn it off. I don’t have social media on my phone anymore. It’s been a good year of being present and trying not to be too consumed with the social media stuff, even though it’s important. But it’s something that can take over, you know, if you’re not careful.”

Hubbard isn’t the only country music star who hasn’t chosen to distant himself from the internet for their own mental health. Back in 2019, Brett Eldredge revealed that he got a flip phone. In 2020, he traded the flip phone back in for a smart phone, but made his manager set parental controls on his phone so he could not access social media. He allowed himself a one hour per day and his management were the only people who could unlock the controls.

“I had him set a passcode and then they don’t tell me the passcode and I can’t get on it. I recommend it to everybody. You get your sanity back. At first it’s weird, but then it works.”

Tyler Hubbard announced this week that he is joining Kane Brown’s In The Air Tour in 2024.