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Beau Nair Reimagines Current Single “The Highway In My Mind” with Live Performance Video (Premiere)

The live performance gives fans a taste of what they can expect from a Beau Nair concert in the near future.

Courtesy of the artist

Beau Nair is giving his current single “The Highway In My Mind” a new identity with a live performance video, and Celeb Secrets Country has your first look before it hits the Internet tomorrow (September 22).

The country/comedy outlaw singer/songwriter new clip — filmed in traditional black and white — gives fans a taste of what they can expect from his live shows in the near future.

‘”The Highway in My Mind’ is a metaphorical road that my imagination builds daily into a future that I am manifesting one classic song at a time,” Beau tells Celeb Secrets Country. “There is also the literal highway that I have long traversed, soaking up the deep culture and vibes of every state in the union. Once you hit the road and break free from your beginnings, you develop a sense of wonder that expands in correlation with how deep you dig on your travels, both outwardly and inwardly. That brings me to the highway in my mind that is built on psilocybin and cannabis, which led ol’ Beau Nair to his truest self, and his highest power: the power of music and laughter.”

“It’s a pleasure being able to express in song just how it feels to cruise the highways of this great country,” Nair adds about the release of the live video. “The fact that I was on a Hunter Thompson-style trip watching the sky melt out my windshield led me deeper into my mind where all these great melodies came pouring out. “The Highway in My Mind” is the song that captured the essence of my ecstatic excursions.”

While filming a live performance video is always memorable, Nair tells CS Country the one moment he truly won’t forget was the off-camera banter.

“Man, I had the best time making this live video. Every time I turned around my drummer JB kept smiling and grinning, definitely a mood lifter! Most people watching would assume there is a lot of debauchery going on off camera and behind the scenes, and they’d be right. I can’t tell you all of the shenanigans that ensued but I woke up the next morning with a loin ache and three love notes in my underpants. And no, they weren’t from JB!” he shares.

Courtesy of the artist

“The Highway in My Mind” is featured on Beau’s latest album Weed Songswhich is out now on music streaming platforms. Weed Songs is the one of many projects the artist released in the last year, as he published nine albums over the course of nine months.

Starting in July 2022, Beau released one legendary album a month till March of 2023, finishing with his double album Life is Beautiful, for a whopping 119 original songs total across the 9 albums.  Now with all that great “funktry” released into the world, Beau has begun working on his live performance by pulling together a talented band that’s ready to bring his live show to crowds across the country.

Check out the live performance video for Beau Nair’s track “The Highway In My Mind” below and let us know if you’re loving the song by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sliding into our DMs on Instagram at @celebsecretscountry.

You can connect with Beau by giving him a follow on Instagram and TikTok at @beaunaircountry.


Written by CS Country Staff

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