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Lady A Opens Up on Women Empowerment Music Video For ‘Like A Lady’ (Exclusive)

The country trio shares behind-the-scenes moments from their music video shoot with Celeb Secrets Country.

The multi-platinum co-ed music group, Lady A, celebrated Women’s Empowerment Month by dropping an ‘80s pop-country inspired single entitled “Like A Lady.” The upbeat and playful track encourages females to be confident in their decision-making and to feel comfortable In their own skin.

The bands leading lady, Hillary Scott co-wrote the anthem alongside Dave Barnes, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson, and Brandon Paddock. The group of talented songwriters pulled inspiration from the queens of country music Dolly Parton and Shania Twain, as they are known for their powerful melodies such as “9 to 5” and “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” that preaches women independence.

“We wrote this early in the fall, I think it was September,” says Scott in a recent press conference. “Brandon and Martin had started this track that really became the song that was just so energetic. The second I heard it, I was like ‘this has female anthem written all over it.’ So, we just really dug into that with a goal of hoping to really craft and write a song that would just celebrate what it’s like to be a woman and a lady,” she adds.

Like A Lady,’ produced by Dann Huff, follows their No.1 hit “Champagne Night” and serves as a sneak peek into their upcoming eighth studio album. The recently inducted members of the Grand Ole Opry brought their groovy and inspiring lyrics to life in a spare the moment music video that projects good vibes, displays off-the-chart fashion, and features a woman that isn’t afraid to embrace the spotlight.

Bandmates Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley supported Scott’s impeccable vocal range with their dynamic guitar work, which will get any listener up dancing and feeling themselves. But, what makes this music video different than others in the industry, is the way that the men of Lady A stand beside a resilient and self-governing woman as she speaks the truth with her relatable message.

“I love how Charles and I and all of our masculinity love singing along harmonies to this tune. It’s such a jam and we are so proud of our girl, she’s our leading lady on this one and she crushes it,” says Haywood.

When shooting photos for ‘Like A Lady,’ their videographer had a brilliant idea to capture the moment and turn the photoshoot into a music video. Due to the pandemic and limited time and resources, the group decided to jump on the opportunity a get everything done in one day. “I will say creatively, it was something new that we’ve never done before,” says Hillary in a Big Machine press interview. “He just had this idea of in-between set changes for the photoshoot, why don’t we sing the song down a couple of times and let me just edit it all together.”

While they were experimenting and shooting outside their comfort zone, Celeb Secrets Country was hungry for behind-the-scenes secrets that Lady A fans might not realize as they watch the fun-filled video. When we sat down with Lady A, Haywood reminded Hillary about the time that they forgot the lyrics to their own song.

“They were like three, two, one, and nobody knew what key we were in,” says Haywood to Celeb Secrets Country. “We were all over the place and then I blanked on the words and I remember I started the song and I definitely had a moment of blanking out on the lyric – which happens,” Hilary added to the conversation.

Haywood continued to explain a play-by-play of what was going down on set with the videographer and how it was a difficult song to film all at once. “He was basically shooting it in like one continuous shot. So if we kind of had a little flood, we’d just have to kind of start from the top. I think we got it within three or four takes. Eventually, we got the words right, because we actually just recorded the song and we haven’t sung it a bunch yet. So, you’re almost in a weird way still kind of learning it again.”

As the band continues to ride the wave of the already successful retro track, they hope it becomes the new summertime anthem that encourages people to get out and purchase tickets to live shows. “I think this is the song that is hoping to propel us towards, you know, kind of the end of the pandemic and getting some positive music out there to let us start getting ready for buying tickets and getting ready for shows again,” shares Dave.

Did Lady A just hint that a summertime concert is on the horizon? Well, until the talented group gets the green light to hit the stage once again, I guess us country fans have to wait patiently and see!

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Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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