Kip Moore Celebrates Release of “Wild World” Deluxe with Live Show at the Ryman (Review)

The country star had so much fun during his live performance, it ended up costing him thousands of dollars!

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell

Kip Moore celebrated the release of his enhanced record Wild World Deluxe on Friday (February 12) at the Ryman Auditorium with a sold out socially-distanced show as well as a global livestream.

Opening the show with fan favorite “Crazy One More Time,” Moore took his fans chronologically through each of his 4 records, playing hits “Somethin’ Bout A Truck” and “More Girls Like You” along with other popular albums cuts like “That Was Us.” 

Once Moore was ready to perform his songs from Wild World, he surprised fans with “one of his favorite humans” and Grammy Winner Ashley McBryde for an amazing duet of “Janie Blu.” McBryde gave the audience a good laugh when she shared the three things she needed in order to join Moore on stage: “Where to park, where to pee and when to sing.”

Performing 9 out of the 17 songs from the Deluxe album, he treated his audience to one of his newest love songs “How High,” which tells the story of Moore being so intoxicated by his love interest, following her at the way to heaven’s Golden Gates. “Girl I swear you keep me stoned/ All the way to the great beyond/ Just to stand and wait at the Pearly Gates of God/ And when you go, I’ll go there too,” he sings. 

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell

Due to the pandemic keeping artists off the road and out of live shows for over a year, Moore confessed he felt a sense of nervousness and possibly not being at the top of his game, but quickly fell back into the swing of things and performed as great as ever. “We’ve played like 3 or 4 shows in a year in 2 or 3 months. It’s very hard to kind of jump back into this thing with a rehearsal and a half. So we were all kind of a little rusty and on edge tonight,” he confessed, “but now I’m starting to feel like I’ve found my groove.”  Having to remain socially-distanced and at limited capacity, the smaller and spread out crowd became a more than usual distraction, making it extremely easy — yet humorous — hearing every drunk cat-call.

Moore wrapped up the show with his most personal and heart wrenching song ever written, “Payin’ Hard” which reveals his regrets with his late father, a lost relationship, and the sacrifices his musical career has cost him.

Fans definitely got their money’s worth getting to see Moore perform an extra 35 minutes longer than scheduled. As he returned to the stage for an encore, he shared that he had just asked his tour manager how they were doing on time, to which he learned he’d already gone way over his 90 minutes. Laughing, he joked he’d be “cursing the crowd in the morning” for receiving a fine in the thousands!

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell

Not included in the set list were three of Moore’s new songs off the Deluxe album — “Midnight Slow Dance,” “Don’t Go Changing,” and “Man’s Gotta Do.” Being so gifted in storytelling and crafting beautiful lyrics, he’s able to take fans through divorce, teen pregnancy, and war in a single song. “Man’s Gotta Do” tells the reality of life not always going the way you planned and having to face its struggles before you’re ready.

“Sometimes the ride don’t go as you planned/ No matter how hard you try, its outta your hands/ And sometimes life shows up long before you want it to/ And sometimes a boy’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”

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Written by Mariah Crom

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