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Easton Corbin’s New EP ‘Didn’t Miss A Beat’ Reminds Us to Value the Important Things In Life

The country singer also shares the positive side of what he’s been up to during quarantine and his love for dirt biking!

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Country singer-songwriter Easton Corbin‘s new EP Didn’t Miss A Beat is serving up wisdom and great tunes during these difficult times!

Despite the project being written before the pandemic, Corbin tells Celeb Secrets Country that the song’s messages are even more relevant now with the world turned upside down.

“It was a good theme for everything that’s going on right now because everybody wants to get back to normal life and get back to what they’re doing; not wanting to miss a beat,” Corbin tells CS Country. “It’s about kind of picking up where you left off.”

Corbin exudes country. His distinctive baritone has been gracing airwaves for the past decade as his chart-topping debut single “A Little More Country Than That” established Corbin as a mainstay on the country charts. Billboard’s 2010 Top New Country Artist would go on to garner another No. 1 hit with the feel-good “Roll With It” as well as seven top 10 singles, further distinguishing himself from other male vocalists as a tried-and-true country traditionalist who weaves timeless story songs together while tipping his hat to the classic country artists who have come before him.

We caught up with Corbin to talk all about his new EP, his future plans, what he’s been up to during quarantine, his love for dirt biking and more!

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Celeb Secrets Country: Can you talk about the writing process for the title track “Didn’t Miss A Beat?”

Easton Corbin: “Not necessarily. Brad came in with that idea and that groove and it was really cool. It’s kind of just one of those deals where it ended up where it ended. You never know where a song is going to go until you get in there and start hashing it out. Again he came in there with that title and a little piece of that song and we kind of went from there. It’s not necessarily specifically from personal experience but I mean I think everything draws from indirect to direct if that makes sense.”

CSC: The music video for “Didn’t Miss A Beat” was so well done! Can you talk about the filming experience?

EC: “It was great. It was a good theme for everything that’s going on right now because everybody wants to get back to normal life and get back to what they’re doing; not wanting to miss a beat. It’s about kind of picking up where you left off. They were asking me if I had a farm around Nashville, and I have a buddy who had a farm that we filmed it on along with another buddy of mine from Arrington Vineyards. So we filmed it between that farm and Arrington Vineyards.” 

CSC: Speaking of the pandemic, what have you been up to since everything has been shut down? How have you been spending your time being off tour?

EC: “I’ve been writing a bunch and in the studio. I don’t want to say the good thing about it, because there isn’t anything good about a pandemic but I guess if you can find any positive out of it it’s that it’s giving you the time to get in the studio and write more.” 

CSC: Is there a song off your EP that’s the most personal to you?

EC: “It’s kind of funny, people ask me what my favorite song is and it’s hard because they’re like your kids. It’s hard to say you love one more than the other because there’s different and unique things about each one that makes it special. There’s definitely that on this EP for sure.” 


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CSC: Your song “Before You Wish You Had” is about valuing the important things in life before the opportunity is gone. What was that song inspired by? Did the recent circumstances with the pandemic and everything going on the world at the moment have anything to do with it?

EC: “Sure. It’s funny because I actually wrote that song before the pandemic but I think it’s just song about life in general. We should embrace the people around us and the good times around us because those things won’t be around forever. I was just sitting back and reflecting on that stuff, especially with the people in our lives. And all the stuff that’s been going on really drives it home. We take everyday, normal life for granted. Going out with our friends. Just going out and being normal. And now that this is all going on, just to get back and do those normal things, I just want to do that and not take those things for granted.” 

CSC: You said you’ve been writing a lot. Do you have any other cool or exciting projects coming up?

EC: “Just right now the EP that’s coming out. I probably have three or four records worth of songs so I’m sure we’ll eventually put out a record. It’s just about getting stuff out there and engaging with fans and feeding that fire.”

CSC: Do you have any tour dates for 2021 yet? 

EC: “We’re definitely going to be cranking up here in January. Most stuff got postponed to this coming year. So most of the shows we had this year, we’ll definitely be having next year.” 


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CS: Judging by your Instagram it looks like you do a ton of dirt biking and motocross. Is that something you just do for fun or do you take it more seriously?

EC: “Oh no I don’t compete. I just go out there for fun. In fact I think I’m going to a ride this coming weekend. It’s mostly just out the woods trail riding. But there’s a lot of guys out there better than me.”

CSC: Since we’re Celeb Secrets, can you tell us a behind the scenes secret of the making of your EPDidn’t Miss A Beat” that fans wouldn’t know just by hearing it?

EC: “The last time we went and tracked, the band that I actually went and tracked with was a little different than what I’ve used before. Just to kind of get a little different vibe on stuff. The normal guys I use you get a certain sound and we just decided to change it up a little bit and try to get a little different sound and take I guess. Just a little bit different flavor, nothing crazy.” 

Listen to Didn’t Miss A Beat EP below: 

Written by Mariah Crom

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