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A Decade After His Debut Single Reached #1, Easton Corbin Proves He ‘Didn’t Miss A Beat’ With His New Song

The country singer reflects on the success of his debut single and gives us a glimpse into plans for new music.

Easton Corbin has come a long way since the 2009 debut of his Billboard hit song, “A Little More Country Than That.”

Not only has he been nominated for country music’s biggest award shows, but his collaborations with global EDM hitmaker Lost Frequencies have given him international success; with his song “Are You With Me” going Platinum & Multi Platinum in 32 countries.

Now, a few months after celebrating the 10 year milestone of his debut single going #1, Easton Corbin is gearing up to release new music and his newest single, dropping today, proves that he “Didn’t Miss A Beat.”

Co-written by Corbin, Brad Clawson, Shane Minor and Wade Kirby, who also produced the track, the beat-driven tune, which offers a touch of nostalgia and paints a dance-themed visual, will see it’s national television debut when Corbin performs on NBC’s TODAY Show September 3.

CS Country (virtually) sits down with Corbin to talk about the new song, his decade-long career, and what’s to come post-pandemic.

Connect with Easton by following him on Instagram at @eastoncorbin.

Celeb Secrets Country: Can you tell us about your new song, “Didn’t Miss A Beat”. What was the inspiration behind the song?

Easton Corbin: “‘Didn’t Miss A Beat’ is one of those songs kind of about relationships and picking up where you left off. I was writing it with Brad Clawson, Wade Kirby, and Shane Minor and Brad kind of came in with a melody idea and then we went from there. Having a write like that where people bring in different parts and contribute; that’s just kind of the direction we went on this song. Sometimes we don’t know what we’re writing until we get there and we just kind of determine as we go.”

CSC: Do you have any plans to release a music video for “Didn’t Miss A Beat”?

EC: “Yes! We’ve got a music video coming soon so definitely keep an eye out for that.”

CSC: Do you have any behind the scenes stories from recording your new single?

EC: “Actually, ‘Didn’t Miss A Beat’, when we recorded that, the group of musicians that we used was a totally different group of musicians that we don’t normally use. I think that’s why it came together so cool and makes it a cool track.”

CSC: Is this new single a sign of any new more new music, or a possible album, we can expect from you this year?

EC: “Yeah, absolutely we’re definitely putting together-I’m not sure if it’s an EP yet or an album-but a body of work to release in the next few months. It’s going to be great.”

CSC: You worked with Lost Frequencies [a Belgian DJ & Producer] on two different tracks, a remix of “Are You With Me” and a song called “One More Night.” How did those collaborations come to be?

EC: “You know, what’s funny, for ‘Are You With Me’ I didn’t really even know about that until a buddy called me and was like, ‘hey man, I just heard ‘Are You With Me’ on an EDM station’ and I was like, what?! It was the last thing I had ever thought. I Googled it and sure enough, there it was. I thought he did a really cool job interpreting it his way and bringing it a different life. A couple of years went by and the writers that wrote ‘Are You With Me’ wrote ‘One More Night’ and I pitched it to [Lost Frequencies] and he really liked it but was like, ‘the only way I’ll cut this thing is if Easton does the vocals on it’. I thought that was really cool, so I listened to it and put my vocal on it and, shoot, we had that thing turned around in a month. I thought it turned out really cool.”

CSC: Earlier this year you celebrated the 10 year anniversary of your debut single “A Little More Country Than That” topping the Billboard Charts. Can you tell us a little about its legacy and success, and did you think fans would relate to it as much as they have?

EC: “When you release music as a new artist you don’t really have a perspective, if that makes sense; you’re just glad to be there and have that opportunity. Fortunately for me it worked out, and looking back on it I think fans could relate to that because I think there’s a lot more people out there than you think that grew up like I did. Maybe not grew up completely like I did, but can relate to certain aspects of it. There’s country people everywhere and country is a state of mind, sometimes, rather than where you live or how you grew up.”

CSC: We know this year touring plans have been put on hold, so how have you been staying connected with fans during this lockdown and what do you miss most about being out on the road?

EC: “We’ve been doing several things across social media platforms; just trying to stay connected through that, and posting on Instagram and all of the social platforms. I love getting out there and interacting with the audience and hearing them sing back to me and not only do I love that, but I love the life on the road-I’m just so used to it. It’s something that I’ve grown to love so much and just the everyday routine of being out on the road I miss. In normal times, when I’d be home for a week or two I’m jumping to get back out on the road because it’s just such a part of my life; the getting up, going to catering, going to soundcheck and going to work out on the road, then getting ready and warming up with the guys and going to meet and greets. It’s the whole process I miss and you don’t realize how much you miss it until you can’t do it for an extended period of time.”


Written by Kassidy Stewart

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