It’s finally here!!!! As a part of this week’s New Music Friday, HARDY is back with his highly-anticipated sophomore album, the mockingbird & THE CROW.

Ever since his debut album A ROCK was a smash hit in 2020, HARDY fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of another full-length project from the award-winning singer/songwriter. As of today (January 20th), people can stream his brand new album on all platforms, and we are already OBSESSED.

Consisting of 17 tracks, the album is half country and half rock, with “the mockingbird & THE CROW” serving as a seven-minute transition between the two parts of the album. In an Instagram video on October 9th, HARDY dove a little bit deeper into the dichotomy between the mockingbird and the crow.

In the post, HARDY says “I’m a mockingbird and I repeat things that I’ve heard my whole life, and that’s part of my songwriter thing and who I am.” The mockingbird is Mississippi’s state bird, ultimately paying tribute to HARDY’s home state as well as his country roots.

To contrast it, HARDY continued and revealed that the title track “slowly transitions into the crow, which is the rock n’ roll character that flies his own path.” Both parts of the album compliment each other perfectly, creating an album that is a truly must-listen for both country AND rock fans.

the mockingbird & THE CROW is a glimpse into the future of country music, paving the way for even more genre-blended projects from some of our favorite artists, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Aside from this iconic album, more of our favorite artists released new music that we have on repeat, including Cheat Codes and Mitchell Tenpenny with “What’s It Gonna Take,” Jordan Davis with “No Time Soon,” Thomas Rhett with “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings),” Hunter Hayes with “Sober” AND “Someone Will,” Dolly Parton with “Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There,” Drew Parker with “At The End of The Dirt Road,” Derek Oakes with “Heavy Weather,” Nicholas Jamerson with “Watching The Fire Burn,” Restless Road with “On My Way,” Willie Nelson with “Busted” and more.

One of our all-time favorite releases this week is Jordan Harvey‘s first official project of his solo career titled It Is What It Is. Click HERE to read our exclusive interview with him and learn more about the EP itself.

After listening to EVERYTHING on this week’s New Music Friday playlist, we compiled a list of our favorite tracks! Keep scrolling to see our picks, and be sure to let us know what you think of them by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post, or by sending us a tweet at @CS_Country.

HARDY feat. Morgan Wallen – “red”

Cheat Codes & Mitchell Tenpenny – “What’s It Gonna Take”

Jordan Davis – “No Time Soon”

Thomas Rhett – “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings)”

Hunter Hayes – “Sober”

Hunter Hayes – “Someone Will”

Dolly Parton – “Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There”

Drew Parker – “At The End of The Dirt Road”

Derek Oakes – “Heavy Weather”

Nicholas Jamerson – “Watching the Fire Burn”

Restless Road – “On My Way”

Willie Nelson – “Busted”

Jordan Harvey – “Along For The Ride”

Easton Corbin – “Lonesome Drinkers”

Tucker Knisell – “You & Caroline”

Cort Carpenter – “Takes Its Time”

Gord Bamford – “One Heartbeat From Heaven”

Mandi Sagal – “One Less Broken Heart”

Lucas Hoge – “Nowhere”

Meghan Patrick – “She’s No Good For Me”

Jake Rose – “Something Like That”

QUEEVA – “Breaking My Heart”

Will Day – “Always A Girl”

Ashley Ryan – “Hush Little Baby”

Jonathan Hutcherson – “Makes A Man”

Chris Ruediger – “Takes A Breakup”

Caitlyn Smith – “Lately”

Gavin Adcock – “I Know A Good Time”

CB30 – “Should’ve Been”

Jessie G – “Martyr”

Stu Basham – “Who Died and Made You John Wayne”

Meg McRee – “Tried & True”

Donice Morace – “Goin’ Goin’”

Matt Jordan – “Love Was Enough”

Morgan Johnston – “Like It’s His Job”

Molly Tetterton – “MaryJane”

Reid Haughton – “Day You Don’t”

Becca Bowen – “Glitter”

Ashton Angelle – “Dancin’ Just For Me”

Erin Kinsey – “Boys In Boots”

Eddie and the Getaway – “Born To Run To You”

Megan & Liz – “Taught Me to Love (From The Vault)”

Smithfield – “Hope You’re Happy”

Brad Cox – “Old Skoolin'”


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