Dressed in hot pink from head to toe, Becca Bowen is truly the country Barbie that we never knew we needed!

“Through embracing her Southern Belle style and passion for the outdoors, Becca is committed to overcoming stereotypes and encouraging others to find happiness in staying true to the unique person that God made them to be,” making her a one-of-a-kind artist that is definitely on the rise.

Having released smash hits like “Son of a Gun” and “Glitter,” with even more new tunes on the way that are sure to embrace her sassy side, Becca Bowen gave Celeb Secrets ALL of the tea on her music, both old and new, backstage at the 50th Annual CMA Fest.


“I put out a song that I wrote with Sam Woods. It was called ‘Son of a Gun’ and it had a crazy story behind it,” the talented singer-songwriter prefaced.

“It was written about an ex-boyfriend of mine who actually cheated on me at my own concert pretty much. I was singing the national anthem, [and] I look out in the audience and he’s out there with another girl. He forgot that I was singing the national anthem at that event,” ultimately sparking the inspiration for her latest single.

“A little while later I was in the healing process and ended up writing this song about him. Never thought about putting this song out, you know, but we did end up putting it out because it became a fan favorite when we sang it, and of course it went viral and everybody connected with it… It is just an incredible experience to see a song that I wrote — it was the first song that I’ve written to actually put out that I wanted to share with others —  to see them connect with it and sing it back to me,” the budding songstress gushed.

Because of the wild backstory associated with “Son of a Gun” Becca has received TONS of DMs from fans relating their own experiences to hers.

“The messages that I have received about other, even women AND men, experiences with cheating and some stories behind it have just blown my mind, so this is kind of like an empowering anthem of, you know, ‘You’re not gonna do that to me. I’m gonna be strong.. Don’t come crawling back to me.’ It’s been pretty cool because I’ve heard other people’s stories and how they relate to the song, [so] that’s been cool to connect with them on that level,” the emerging country artist revealed to us.

If you thought that the story behind “Son of a Gun” was crazy, we can promise you that it only gets crazier. The music video for the hot new track takes her one-of-a-kind backstory to a whole new level…

“I wanted the music video to tell the story behind the whole song, like how it went down, so we completely did the absolute behind-the-scenes pretty much of that song and the lyrics… What topped it off and was like the best ever, [was] at the end of this video, I end up revealing the actual man who cheats on me,” completely shocking Becca Bowen fans everywhere.

“He agreed to let me reveal him after some talking to him, so at the very end, you get to see the actual guy the song is written about. I said, ‘You used to be famous in our hometown for all the wrong reasons, and now you’re famous In America and everywhere else for all the wrong reasons,'” she continued with a grin.

“I told him [that] I totally Taylor Swift-ed him,” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Fortunately, “Son of a Gun” is just a little taste of a bunch of new music that Becca has on the horizon, beginning with the release of “If I’m Being Honest” on July 21st.

In a recent Instagram post, the rising country star shared, “Get ready for the follow up single to Son of a Gun!! Coming out July 21st! The next chapter of the story! Written by myself and @samwoods.music. “If I’m Being Honest” is a catchy upbeat song you are going to love!! Presave is in my story!! #newmusic #itsavibe #honest

With the hot new track hitting all music streaming platforms in nearly one week, Becca is “just excited for [fans] to just to get to know [her] more” throughout this new era of music.

She shared with Celeb Secrets, “I’ve never quite felt comfortable being that vulnerable with my fans, but, you know, during COVID I think a lot of things changed for me, and it made me want to share with my audience things that were on my heart, things that I have been through, because, of course, COVID really changed your perspective on everything.”

Now I’m just excited to finally feel comfortable being vulnerable with my audience,” she concluded with a smile, and we seriously can’t wait to see everything she has in store.

While we count down the days until the release of “If I’m Being Honest,” be sure to check out our full interview with Becca Bowen from 2023 CMA Music Festival below.

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With reporting credit by Melanie Rooten. For more coverage from CMA Fest 2023, click HERE


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