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Danielle Bradbery On How Her Boyfriend Impacted Her New Single “Never Have I Ever” (Exclusive)

The singer spoke to us about the song, meeting her new love, and what fans can expect from her once quarantine is over.

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Since winning The Voice season 4 in 2013, Danielle Bradbery has grown into her own as a woman and as an artist.

Bradbery is showcasing that grown in her new single, “Never Have I Ever,” a song heavily inspired by her current boyfriend who makes her feel the way she has never felt before.

Co-written by Bradbery, alongside Laura Veltz and David Hall Hodges, the Dann Huff-produced track tells a tale of falling so hard and fast it spins you in circle. Singing over backing handclaps and harmonic accompaniment, Bradbery delivers the chorus head over heels: Got me confessing like this / Heart on my sleeve I’m a mess / Got me like / ooh, ooh, yeah / Throwing round words like forever / Never have I ever. 

“When writing this song, we wanted to capture that feeling where you’re in a new relationship and you’re terrified of the intense feelings you have, but you’re so excited at the same time,” shared Bradbery. “We really tried to put that whirlwind of emotions into words. It’s honest and vulnerable, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Bradbery spoke to us about “Never Have I Ever,” meeting her new love, and what fans can expect from her once quarantine is over. 

Celeb Secrets Country: Your new single is called “Never Have I Ever,” can you tell us what the song is about and the songwriting process behind it?

Danielle Bradbery: “‘Never Have I Ever’ is about getting in a relationship and the person making you feel like you have never felt before. I’ve seen a lot of those moments and of course I’ve experienced it; that’s why I wrote the song. And you meet someone unexpectedly and you’re like, ‘why am I feeling this way, why am I falling this hard?’, and it’s making me act like I’ve never acted before. It’s almost terrifying and exiting at the same time. This writing process is really fun and I got to write with Laura Veltz and David Hodges, they’re absolutely amazing writers in Nashville. So I was very lucky to be in the room with them. We brought this song to life and it’s awesome and I’m so excited for people to hear it.”

CSC: Can you tell us about how you and your boyfriend, Bennett, met?

DB: “Talk about unexpected. I did things I’ve never done before, like I said the song is about. And these are real feelings and real things that have happened. I’ve always been shy around guys, and I’ll be honest about that. I actually, its like the new normal, saw a picture of him on Instagram and it’s always been said that the guy reaches out to the girl. Well, first time I’ve ever done this; I reached out to him for the first time. I just said, ‘hey, have you ever been to Nashville?’. It was really random and I waited, and waited, to know exactly what to say. I was with my best friend Lacey (Cavalier) and she was kind of helping me and talking me through it because again, I have never done this before, and he messaged me back right away and we started talking and eventually met in person. The rest is history I guess. It worked out!”

CSC: How supportive have he and your family been of your career?

DB: “They’ve been a huge impact. My family have been huge supporters and are always there for me and I could say all of that and it couldn’t even match up to the support that they have always have. And Bennett, coming in so unexpectedly, has shocked me. Just going back to the song, I’ve never felt this welcomed and loved and supported so he’s been a huge help too. And obviously he’s helping me get songs out of it!”

CSC: How has your music and songwriting changed since you released your debut LP?

DB: “I feel like it’s always changing. Coming into this industry really not being a writer, I had never written before and I didn’t know what that experience was about and my team encouraged me to really get into the writing room and just see if it’ll work. And it eventually did. I’m always learning in there, I wouldn’t call myself a pro. I just come in there and tell my story and then they kind of help me make a song. And that’s the fun part about it and I am really not all myself and I tell them ‘I’m sorry I feel like I’m not being any help’ and they’re like, ‘no, you come in with a story and it’s our job to help you turn it into something’. It’s become really, really fun and being able to come in and tell them this is actually what’s happening with me, and that’s always been my goal to be really honest. I’m always learning and feel like I’m always growing in that area and it’s helped me find my voice in my music and find even my sound; it’s still evolving. But I’m experimenting with ‘Never Have I Ever’ and up and coming music.”

CSC: Can you elaborate on upcoming music? Is this single a sign that fans can expect new music in the near future?

DB: “I’m working on new music, I feel like I say that all of the time but I am. I’m always looking for the next step and right now I’m working on new music and trying to get that recorded when we can. We’ll be putting stuff out as soon as we get the okay. Everybody can definitely expect new stuff from me.”

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CSC: What have you been doing during your downtime in quarantine?

DB: “I’ve definitely been doing a little bit of everything, trying to be as creative as possible on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, whatever it is, for my fans because I know it’s such a weird time for them too. They had all of these things planned just like us and I’ve been trying to think of new things and fun things for them to see and watch. I’ve definitely been doing lives and questions and anything for them to be entertained. Personally, I’ve just been, again, trying to be creative in quarantine and I’ve gotten to spend time with my family a little bit, which hasn’t happened in a while, so that’s been really nice. Just trying to stay sane at this point.” 

CSC: Since you’re talking to Celeb Secrets Country, we have to ask. Is there anything about the new single that fans might not know about?

DB: “At first, actually, it was a very pop/R&B song that we wrote and the sound of it had a lot of beats. It sounded more R&B and did not sound country. We had a little bit too much fun with it. We brought it back and we got in the studio with Dann Huff and he’s amazing at bringing the two together and bringing it to what the artist likes and what everybody else is comfortable with. He brought in the country core with the R&B touch and we made it to what it is now and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”

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Written by Kassidy Stewart

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