Niko Moon Is Looking For His “Perfect Match” in New Song

Celeb Secrets Country sat down with Moon in between recording sessions for his debut album to talk about his journey from songwriter to recording artist and what he hopes to achieve throughout his career, including finding his “perfect match.”

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Niko Moon is no stranger to the top of the charts, but this time it’s his voice behind the lyrics.

Responsible for co-writing hits like “Homegrown” by Zac Brown Band and “Back to Life” by Rascal Flatts, Moon changed his occupation from songwriter to recording artist within the last year. His single “Good Time” exemplifies everything the musician stands for and sets the tone for what’s to come. For Moon, it’s all about positivity and enjoying life’s little moments.

Moon explains, “I feel like I was put on the Earth to create positive messages. Life is tough and the world can be kind of crazy at times. If my music can hit the reset button for people and allow them to unwind and de-stress and enjoy themselves – that’s my goal in life. Bring some happiness to the world.”

Celeb Secrets Country sat down with Moon in between recording sessions for his debut album to talk about his journey from songwriter to recording artist and what he hopes to achieve throughout his career, including finding his “perfect match.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Your single “Good Time” is such a catchy, feel good song. Can you tell us about your inspiration for writing it and the recording process?

Niko Moon: “I wanted to release “Good Time” first because it really sums up my mentality and what I want to say as an artist. It’s a really simple message. Life is short, have a good time. I want to bring a positive, glass half full kind of mentality to the world with my music.

Two years ago, we wrote “Good Time” to pitch to other artists. Then fast forward a year later, I start making my album. I remembered the song and I was like ‘Wow that song was so cool. It’s such a vibe. This would work so great on my album and it feels so much like me.’ It was a lot of fun making it. It was really collaborative effort – I love collaborating with people. Three minds are better than one, so what better way to make music. I don’t want to make music by myself; I want to make it with people.”

CSC: So, you’re in the process of making an album! Can you give us any hints as to what fans can expect from this record?

NM: “The album is very glass half full and that’s why I wanted “Good Time” to be the first song. It’s really indicative of the rest of the album. It’s just a happy album. There’s no “tear in your beer” song or no sad songs. There are tough subject matters that I’ve dealt with… its not all party songs. On the tough songs, though, it’s looked at with a very glass-half full mentality. I try to have a very positive outlook on life so I wanted to bring that to my music.”

CSC: Before releasing your own music, you actually wrote several #1 hits for Zac Brown Band. What made you want to start making your own music?

NM: “I’ve been a songwriter for a long time, but I’ve always felt like an artist. I think every artist is just trying to figure themselves out and figure out their sound. That took me a minute. But, working with other amazing artists and helping them with their things really helped me figure out my thing. I’ve always felt like my own vibe was this Rubik’s Cube I was trying to figure out and then about a year ago, I felt like it clicked. I was like ‘If me and my life had a sound, that’s it’ and so I just went full force into it.”

CSC: In addition to Zac Brown Band, you’ve worked with so many other successful musicians. Are there any artists in particular who have influenced your career and songwriting?

NM: “I grew up in Georgia, in this quintessential suburban small town. I listened to a lot of singer songwriters that my parents listened to, like John Prine, but also a lot of ‘Georgia country’ like Travis Tritt and Alan Jackson. I was getting inundated from that Atlanta-vibe, too, like Outcast and T.I.

To me, the most genuine, authentic way that I can make music that accurately reflects my life and how I grew up is to synthesize those artists into one vibe. My music is very much country music, but it hits differently. It was always my goal in high school to blow out the speakers in my truck. I want to do that, but with country music. My lyrics and melodies are very much country music, it just hits a little harder than my ‘Grandpa’s country music’ did.”

CSC: You’re just at the beginning stages of your career as an artist. What is your ultimate career goal?

NM: “As far as touring, the dream would be to sell out Fenway Park. That’s a personal goal of mine, in addition to The Ryman. Every country artist has that on their bucket list.

In a more philosophical sense, my goal is to find my people — the people that identify and connect with my music — and do everything I can to make music for them. It’s almost like when you’re single and you’re looking for your person. I feel like I’m single as an artist and I’m in the midst of finding my perfect match.”

CSC: What would that perfect match look like? What’s your “dating criteria?”

NM: “It’s more of a mentality than anything. People who love country music, but they also love all kinds of music. They like positive music and positive messages. They like to have a good time and they like to be motivated and inspired. Those are the kinds of people I feel like I connect to.”

Does that sound like you? If so, be sure to check out Niko Moon’s singles “Good Time,” “Drunk Over You” and “Way Back” on streaming platforms today. You can also follow the musician on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on new music.

Written by Dara Goldman

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