Olivia Lane Talks “Make My Own Sunshine,” Her New Record & Being Confident

Olivia Lane released the music video for her new single “Make My Own Sunshine” last week and Celeb Secrets Country caught up with the singer/songwriter to learn all about the bubbly tune.

“If I had to sum up who I am in a three minute song, ‘Make My Own Sunshine’ would be it,” Olivia tells Celeb Secrets Country.

“Make My Own Sunshine” was featured in iHeartCountry’s Digital Integration Program. For the month of January, the vibrant single was streamed digitally on

“The song came about when I met with my writers and producers one day and I told them I needed a song that’s my anthem,” Olivia shares. “When we were talking, I was grooving on this little rhythmic kinda thing and they were like ‘has anyone ever told you that you’re very sunshiney?’ And I was like “hmmm no; but I really like it.” So we wrote something that puts my own spin on what ‘Make My Own Sunshine’ is.”

Produced by Tiny Terror Productions’ Jennifer Rothlein and directed by James King, the light-hearted video captures a vibrant Lane making the most of “Murphy’s law” type moments, whether it’s a fender bender, spilt coffee or pouring rain. For the frigid yet sunny February shoot, filmed just outside of Nashville, cranes and hoses were brought in to stream water and create the illusion of rain for the video’s enchanting conclusion- a “Singin’ in the Rain” inspired dance medley à la Gene Kelly.

“The first verse is exactly who I am. I feel like we all have those days where we get up and we can’t get our coffee right, our lipstick isn’t right, our hair is not looking good and we trip on the way out,” she explains. If we really look at it from an outside perspective, we are in control of when we let our days get bad. I tell myself to smile or find the humor in whats happening in that moment, and its going to be better tomorrow. I hope that ‘Make My Own Sunshine’ helps people remind them that we’re in control of our days.”

We absolutely love how bubbly Lane is, so we asked her how we can be upbeat and confident just like her.

“I just constantly keep doing things that make me happy. I think I’ve just always been that way and letting people into my life and sharing my music with them makes me the happiest person in the world. I ask myself things like, ‘what’s gonna make me happy right now? Eating this or eating that? Going to get my nails done or doing this?’ I think just really sticking to who I am as a person being 100% who I am makes me the way I am today.”

2016 is going a big year for Olivia Lane. This summer, she’ll be putting out an EP and hosting her annual Diva Jam event at CMA Fest.

“With this new EP, I’ve really been exploring who I am emotionally in all terms. I’m always trying to be this positive, sort of happy fun person but obviously I have other emotions. I’m sad sometimes. I’m angry sometimes. Right now, I’m in a great relationship and extremely happy,” Olivia says.

“I’m also trying to find who I am through that 24-year-old millennial voice of moving on from school, growing up, learning how to grow up, how to be in love, how to fall out of love and to be okay with it, and how to love myself. I think that’s really reminiscent of what the songs are talking about.”

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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