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CMA Fest Riverfront Stage Survival Guide

If you couldn’t score a ticket into the nightly concerts held at Nissan Stadium, the next best thing would be the FREE performances taking place on the Riverfront Stages. CMA Fest host a plethora of free performances throughout the week, on different stages scattered throughout downtown Nashville. Riverfront is the most popular stage, and where most of the festival attendees head straight for.


On Tuesday, April 12th the lineup will be announced via the CMA Fest app and we already have our predictions! Check out our tips and tricks to surviving the Riverfront Stage below!


1.) Plan your day ahead of time: There are so many great performances taking place on The Riverfront Stage. We suggest that you take a look at the lineup and schedule times ahead of arriving into downtown. The last thing you need to freak out about is missing your favorite artist, because you forgot what time they were performing. This will also save you from the heart-attack you might encounter running from one end of town to the other to catch their performance.

2.) Get to your artist performance set ahead of time: Yes, we all know that The Riverfront Stage takes some patience and strength to get in and out of. We suggest that you get into the area early to beat the exit and entry traffic. Try to make it into the grounds before the last artist set ends. Once you’re inside, be on the look out for people leaving to score a closer seat.

3.) Leave before the set is over: If you’re hoping to catch one set and boot, we suggest you leave during the last song. If you wait until the set is over, you will get caught in the exit and be waiting for some time.

4.) Bring a blanket if you’re planning on staying the whole time: With so many great artist playing Riverfront, you’ll more than likely be wanting to stay for a few hours. Bring a small blanket to lay on the grass with to save you from the scratchy grass. Grass is comfortable, but only for so long!

5.) Sunscreen is your friend: A girl does love her summer tan, but summers in the south can be intense! Bring some sunscreen and apply frequently to save you from that blistering sunburn you may encounter.

Head over to Celeb Secrets to catch our 2016 Riverfront Stage predictions: (Click Me).


Written by Gabbie Brown

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