Warren Zeiders hit a VERY exciting milestone at Stagecoach 2023, as his performance on Sunday (April 30) doubled as both his Stagecoach debut AND 100th career show to date.

“It was amazing. Fans were surreal to hear all the way out here, being from the East coast, now being on the cest coast. Hearing people singing along to your songs and just showing their support. It was a lot of fun,” Zeiders revealed to Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder about the milestone moment.

The budding country star performed TONS of new music on the T-Mobile Mane Stage, many of which will be featured on his upcoming full-length project that fans are beyond excited for.

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When it comes to new music, Zeiders dropped Pretty Little Poison (Sampler) on all music streaming platforms just days prior to his Stagecoach debut, featuring the songs “Pretty Little Poison,” “Coming Down High,” “Inside Your Head” and “West Texas Weather.”

In regards to the release, “I think that it was, in my eyes, the best way to start showing people what’s to come and, you know, to tease ’em a little bit, but it’s been really cool to see the reactions to all the new music,” he shared.

The Pennsylvania native then proceeded to give a rundown on a few of the project’s beloved tracks.

“For me, ‘Coming Down High’ [was] super summer vibes, you know. Late night drive or sunset drive. Honestly, perfect for being on the West Coast and going for a drive for a sunset,” ultimately providing a more positive energy in the midst of quite a few emotional, intense tracks.

The Lee Miller and Chris Stapleton-penned breakup ballad “Inside Your Head” is another notable song featured on the Pretty Little Poison (Sampler), which beautifully contrasts with “Coming Down High.”

“Honestly, shoutout to Chris Stapleton. He wrote ‘Inside Your Head,’ so the first outside song I ever cut, and in honor of Chris and playing a lot of shows he’s gonna be at this summer, I decided to put it out,” Zeiders shared.

“I don’t mind taking from outside, but it was honestly the first song that for me, and what I want to say and what I want to do, that really stood out to me,” he elaborated.

He concluded by revealing that everything else that’s out right now and what’s coming out next is all his own music, so we can’t wait to hear these new, personal songs.

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When asked what allows inspiration to strike in the writing room, Zeiders revealed, “I think it’s being a good listener. I think it’s listening to what people say… I think it’s just conversations and I think it’s honestly talking to fans, whether it’s meet and greets or meeting someone on the side of the road and they’re a fan of yours walking down the street.”

“I don’t think I ever turn off my creative mindset,” he continued with a giggle.

While the 23-year-old writes a majority of his songs, he does not do it alone, going on to reveal that his “favorite thing to do, honestly, is co-writing.”

“I think that it’s finding my niche, finding my group of people who bring out the best in me and understand me and what I want to say and what I want to do,” he shared. “I think that’s the best thing about what this whole process is. It’s finding people who understand you and just want to help you bring your vision to life. Whether it’s your idea or whether it’s theirs, if it fits you, that’s all that matters.”

While the budding country star is clearly VERY talented, the best part about his success is that Zeiders is truly doing what he loves.

The country crooner expressed his gratitude to Celeb Secrets, explaining that “between writing rooms, between being on the road, between, you know, you name it, I can’t complain for a second. I love what I get to do and just always trying to put my best foot forward.”

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview below from Stagecoach 2023 to get to know Warren Zeiders just a little bit better AND to hear more about the new tunes that he has in the works.

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With reporting credit by Juliet Schroder. For more coverage from Stagecoach 2023, click HERE


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