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Jake Owen Sued for Copyright Infringement on Hit Song “Made For You”

The country artist has had legal documents filed against him for allegedly stealing the lyrics and melody to his hit song.

Photo Credit : Jake Owen via Instagram

Jake Owen has entered legal troubles over his hit song “Made For You.” According to TMZ, Alexander Cardinale and Morgan Reid have filed legal documents against Owen for stealing the melody and some of the lyrics from their song “Made For You,” released in 2014.

TMZ shares that upon reviewing the brow-raising legal documents, the two artists pose the argument that the “notes, structure, harmony, vocal style and rhythm are clear indicators” Owen’s song is a copy of their own.

This is not the first time Cardinale and Reid’s “Made For You” has been in the spotlight, but it is the first time the song has been the subject of a legal dispute.

Cardinale and Reid’s “Made For You” amounted to so much success upon its release in 2014 that the song became a campaign anthem for Coca-Cola in 2016. Check out the ad below from the global beverage brand’s Share a Coke and a Song campaign.

Beyond the track’s TV advertisement spotlight, the lyrics to Cardinale and Reid’s “Made For You” were placed on 250 Million Coca-Cola bottles with a QR code for fans to listen to their catchy song.

Although Owen has not yet commented on the lawsuit, Taste of Country reports that Owen has spoken before on where he first heard the catchy tune.

“Owen’s cut on “Made for You” is credited to songwriters Benjy Davis, Joey Hyde and Neil Medley, and the singer told Billboard in 2020 that he first heard it when a professional song plugger sent it to him.”

With that in mind Taste of Country reports that the lawsuit encompasses all parties involved as defendants, including Owen, Big Loud Records and the songwriters credited on the song.

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Written by Kelly Gilmore

Kelly is a senior broadcast journalism student at the University of Central Florida! She has an unquenchable passion for all things pop culture and entertainment news. When she isn't writing articles, hosting interviews or working on entertainment news, Kelly can be found binge-watching her favorite shows.

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