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Restless Road Talks First Dates, Performing with Kane Brown, and Filming With Their Real-Life Love Interests (Exclusive)

The trio premiered the music video for their song “One Step Ahead” that features 3 very special ladies.

This year wasn’t the year Restless Road expected it to be. After putting their spin on an old classic with their collaboration on Kane Brown‘s “Take Me Home,” the country trio were gearing up to join Brown on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour.

Making the most of 2020, Restless Road is focusing on being one step ahead for 2021. The guys have been writing everyday in preparation to release a debut album, while focusing on staying in touch with their fans through viral Tik Tok videos and CMT’s Off The Road series with Kane Brown.

The band also gave fans a glimpse into their personal life in their new music video for their track “One Step Ahead” by featuring their real life significant others to play their on-screen love interests.

The boys of Restless Road — Garrett Nichols, Colton Pack, and Zach Beeken — talked to Celeb Secrets Country about what it was like having their special ladies on set with them, their all time favorite date activities, and what the rest of 2020 has in store.

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Celeb Secrets Country: Tell us about your song “One Step Ahead” and the inspiration behind it.

Zach Beeken: “The song ‘One Step Ahead’ we actually wrote a couple of years ago when Garrett and I were single and had just moved to Nashville. We were talking to our co-writers about our dating lives and what was working and what wasn’t, and asking the age old question of ‘what do women want?’. I’m not going to lie we still really don’t know, but when we talked about it that day we felt like being a man with a plan was a really good place to start and that’s where ‘One Step Ahead’ was born from. We love how the song turned out and really excited that we got to film a video for it.”

CSC: Speaking of the video, the three of you featured your respective girlfriends and wives in the music video. What was it like filming the video with them?

Garrett Nichols: “It was a really special moment and they were really excited to be a part of it. It was cool because we had the idea to make it about our first dates and it was really neat to be able to go back in time a little bit and recreate that moment where we met our wives and girlfriends. I think a lot of people want to go back and do those kind of things and it was just really special for us to be able to kind of get a little taste of what that may be like. It was just a great day overall. We had a lot of fun filming it together.”


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ONE STEP AHEAD MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW! 🤠 Click the link in bio and comment your favorite part of the video!

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CSC: Were there any behind-the-scenes secrets from filming the video you can share with us?

ZB: “We got a lot of mosquito bites that day.”

Colton Pack: “An interesting secret…I actually was not watching anything on the screen. Honestly, that was really difficult; they tell you to try to act like stuff is funny or different kind of things like that. I realized that I don’t know if I could honestly really act or not. We’ll let the fans decide if that was a good acting job or not.”

CSC: You guys mentioned that the video features recreations of your first dates. What is one of your all-time favorite date activities?

CP: “Mine for sure is definitely watching movies. That was mine and my wife’s first date so we recreated that but it’s still to this day something we do. We normally end every night watching something, we always pick some sort of movie; we’re big movie buffs. I make the joke that we probably could have bought stock in a movie theater when we were dating in the beginning because we were always at the movies.”

CSC: That’s awesome! What’s the genre of choice?

CP: “Honestly, we watch a little bit of everything. Recently we’ve been rewatching all of the Harry Potter series, but we watched a horror the other night, we watch romance and comedy. Really it depends on the mood of the night – I wouldn’t say we have any specific genre.”

CSC: Since a new season of “The Bachelorette” premiered and your video features recreations of your first dates, if you were on The Bachelorette, what would your dream date be?

GN: “I think I would want to go on a sky-diving date. I think that would be the ultimate test, like you’re on a date with this person you barely know and you want to get to know them and see if you all could workout in a relationship. The perfect way to find that out I guess is to take a leap of faith out of a plane together.”

ZB: “I think I would want my first Bachelorette date to be to go to Mars. Hopefully Elon Musk will have it all figured out by then so my date and I could fly up in a rocket ship, enjoy a nice glass of Cab, take a walk around Mars then come back to Earth.”

CP: “Well you know they always have musical acts perform so I would want to watch us perform. I don’t know how I could be on the date at the same time, but I would definitely do that.”


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CSC: You were nominated for LiveXLive’s Virtual Lockdown Award for your collaboration with Kane Brown at Pandora Live. What was it like filming that and performing “Take Me Home” with him again?

ZB: “It was awesome, we had a really cool set at a hotel here in town called the Dive Motel and they have such a cool pool space. It was filmed in the middle of summer so we had a really cool sunset and the band had a really cool arrangement, it was a little more stripped back. It’s always great to see Kane since we don’t see him as much now since we’re not on tour, and the video was really amazing.”

CSC: What do you guys have in store for the rest of the year and how are you planning to keep in contact with your fans until you’re able to be back on the road?

ZB: “Well you can definitely expect a lot more fun on Tik Tok and on Instagram Reels we’re always thinking of fun, creative videos. We’ve got new merch coming out this weekend so we’re super pumped about that. We’ve already been in the studio this year getting ready to release more music and we’re writing every day trying to get the best songs we can before we eventually release an album. We’re going to keep having fun and making the most of this year, and honestly we’d love to get back out there and play shows, but we’re having a lot of fun right now and I think people are going to see that in the “One Step Ahead” video, it was a blast to film. We have a lot more stuff coming.”

Written by Kassidy Stewart

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