While it may sound like its Restless Road‘s last rodeo, the guys are here to tell you that it’s only the beginning.

The country trio’s first-ever project, Last Rodeohas been a long time coming. After being a band for nearly a decade and spending endless hours writing and recording, Colton, Zach and Garrett are giving fans a sense of who they are as both a band and individually through eighteen songs that cover the ups and downs of love and relationships while motivating the listener to follow their dreams.

“It feels great [to have an album out],” Garrett tells Celeb Secrets Country reporter Juliet Schroder exclusively in a virtual interview. “One thing we always wanted to do was put out an album, so I’m really proud of us that we’re actually putting one out.”

“I think the exciting part about it is having fans of ours and people that maybe don’t even know us get a better sense of who we’re as a band and personally. It’s a really, really exciting time,” he concludes.

Featuring brand new hits as well as already released tracks like “Last Rodeo,” “I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy,” “Sundown Somewhere,” and “On My Way,” along with their breakout success “Growing Old With You” and fan favorite “Bar Friends,” Zach describes Last Rodeo as “18 bangers from your three favorite sangers,” as it has relatable lyrics and fiery hooks.

“We wanted to make sure there was a clear theme to the album. We all feel like we’ve had this catchphrase in our band forever called ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Road,’ and it’s all about following your dream and staying persistent, being resilient. So that’s the theme of the whole album,” he shares.

“But I will say we each do have individual lives and, you know, we’re all from different places, so we each have a little bit of our own thing that we bring to the table with these songs. When we were finishing the album, I was going through a little bit of heartbreak, so you’re gonna hear some heartbreak songs and I might have something to do with some of those,” he continues.

“Garrett and I are obviously in relationships. Garrett’s getting ready to get married and I’ve been married for eight years. Even though there are heartbreak songs, we’ve all been through those moments. We’ve all had our heart broken and we’ve all been in love at some point in time. So these songs still apply to all three of us,” Colton adds. “We joke about this, but it’s so true; there’s two things that will never go out of style — heartbreak and love songs. And there’s definitely a lot of those on this album.”

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