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Restless Road Are Ready to Make Noise in the Country Music Community with Debut EP

The guys reflect on how this year has been a full circle moment for the band.

Country trio Restless Road formed in 2013 when members Colton Pack and Zach Beeken met on season three of The X Factor USA and competed with former member Andrew Scholz in the group category. Fast forward seven years later and the guys welcomed a new member, Garrett Nichols, released their self-titled EP, and connected with crooner and fellow X Factor alum Kane Brown for a record deal, new single and tour dates. 

The guys open up to Celeb Secrets Country about their musical journey and how releasing their debut EP has been a full circle moment for the band.

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Celeb Secrets Country: Let’s talk about your current single “Take Me Home” featuring Kane Brown. Tell us how the collaboration with Kane came together?

Zach Beeken: “It really came full circle. We became a band 7 years ago on The X Factor and ever since then we have stayed in touch. About a year ago, [Kane] was ready to start signing artists and bring them out on the road and he reached out to us. Since then we have been in the studio. We recorded our debut EP which just came out about a month ago and he sent us this song called ‘Take Me Home.’ We fell in love with the melodies and harmonies and we thought it’d be perfect if we could all record it together. It came out amazing and we’re so happy he sent us that song and we have been able to go out on the road with him on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour and be able to sing it every night. It’s been incredible, like I said full circle, that it has all come together the way it has.”

CSC: Colton, Kane reached out to you in response to your cover of “Good As You.” What was your reaction?

Colton Pack: “It was kind of crazy. That night I had been talking about how I felt like I wasn’t through with music and that something was going to happen. I had just posted the ‘Good as You’ cover and I got a text from a Nashville number. I said, ‘I have a really weird feeling this is Kane’ and it turned out to be him. After we talked about all of this stuff he wanted to do I was just blown away and I was almost kind of in disbelief that all of this would actually happen how he was saying it was going to. Kane, his team, and everybody went above and beyond any expectations we ever had of the situation. Just getting to work with him and getting to do everything we have gotten to do this year has been absolutely amazing.”

CSC: Colton, you are a father to two daughters (one newborn) and Kane and his wife had their newborn shortly after you had your’s. Did you give them any advice on fatherhood? 

CP: “Yeah, so we talked about it a couple of different times. I know when he found out that he was having Kingsley I reached out to him and just told him ‘welcome to the club, she will change your life definitely for the better.’ He has a girl and I have 2 girls so we’ve kind of bonded over that. I also talked to him a ton about different things my wife and I did to help. It’s been good to lean on each other through out all of this because it’s new for them, but at the same time me being a father, being out on the road and away from my kids is new for me. He’s been going through some of the same experiences that I have so it’s been good to have him.”

ZB: “Kane has also been helping Colton on how to be a dad with swag.”

CSC: Has Kane taught you anything about performing in front of sold-out crowds? 

ZB: “He did give us some pointers on how to engage with each other and the fans, and how to kind of turn off and relax. Kane has a very chill personality and it’s been a whirlwind to go from an everyday normal life at home to being in front of this many people and it’s lights, camera, action. He’s really helped us to chill out, enjoy and appreciate it. And obviously when we’re up there on stage just to interact with one another other. He’s given us so many pointers even in the studio, behind the scenes, and social media. It’s been a big blessing to have someone like Kane.” 

CSC: As mentioned earlier, you all have known each other for 7 years. Are there any memorable moments that stand out from then to now?

CP: “For me, one of my most memorable moments to this date on the tour was right after we released ‘Take Me Home’ and the EP. It was the first night on the tour and I remember pulling out my inner ear because the crowd was so loud when singing the words to the chorus of ‘Take Me Home.’ That was like, I can’t honestly even describe the feeling; it was kind of disbelief that there were that many people that already knew the song, although it is a familiar song and that definitely helps, but it was one of those things. It’s really cool when you get to hear that many people singing back your song to you.”

ZB: “One of my favorite moments was when we were in the hotel room in New York just when our EP was about to come out. We all got together that night in Kane’s room. We were waiting for the EP to come out and we were celebrating, and Kane gave us a little challenge. He gave us all a stack of Ritz crackers and he made it a competition; we all had to see who could eat them the fastest. I don’t know if we will be posting the footage anytime soon, but just little dumb things like that and getting to hang out and kind of goof around has been really fun.”

CP: “And playing ping pong with Kane and everybody else too is one of my favorites.”

ZB: “Oh yeah, being competitive on tour, I’m horrible. Kane is one of those people that is good at everything it seems like and he just scores every time. We had a 3 and 3 basketball tournament with Kane and Chris (Lane) and Russell (Dickerson), and Kane just absolutely swatted me. I had a flashback to 9th grade basketball and thought I had finally gotten passed this, but I would like to point out that I did go on to beat him that day.”

CSC: Were there any nerves leading up to the release of your single “Take Me Home”?

CP: “You know, it was one of those things where we’ve worked for so long and so hard on our music and we were always, and still are, very passionate about it. I think more than anything it wasn’t nerves, it was more excitement to be able to finally see what our fan interaction was going to be. Really more than anything we were just excited, like, what are these guys going to think after we put this out. And being excited about how people are going to connect with our music and hear the stories that they have after listening to it and meeting all of these new people on a personal level. I think more than anything that’s what we were all looking forward to.”

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CSC: Because of the current stay at home order a lot of artists have been doing creative things for their fans on social media, like live streams and question and answers. Do you have anything like that coming up?

ZB: “We definitely have been brainstorming all different kinds of content, I know that during a time like this everybody has been in the same boat where we have been having to be creative and adapt to the situation. We have been finding little ways to stay engaged and we have little music bits we are about to be putting out, and we’ve been putting out Tik Toks. We just launched our first Tik Tok and honestly that was a challenge for Colton, I know he wasn’t quite sure how to use it. We have a fan phone number and we have been texting non stop with our fans and it has been a great way to get to know everybody on a little bit more of a personal level. As far as livestreams go we’ve been brainstorming different ways we can do that when we’re all together.”

CSC: What has been your proudest moment throughout the process of releasing the EP? 

CP: “I think for me our perseverance is what I’m most proud of. We released a documentary that kind of goes into details with some of the stuff; I had left the group a long time ago. Being able to come back and all of these different things; how life took us in a bunch of different directions, and how we all were able to get back to that moment and be able to work with Kane. I had always said that I felt that when Restless Road was first started that if people were just able to hear the music that was all I wanted. I wanted people to heart the music because I felt like we had something really, really special. So I think that after 7 years of this being a thing and the music was finally out that was a special moment for me and I was super proud, I was proud to be in a group with these 2 guys; I wouldn’t want to do it with any other people. It was a really proud moment for me, for us, to be able to put out music and go on tour and be able to do the stuff we have gotten to do.”

CSC: You guys are talking to Celeb Secrets Country, so we have to ask! Do you guys have any secrets or fun facts about yourselves you can tell us?

CP: “That’s a good question. Garrett’s secret or fun fact is that he is the king of impressions. I have never met a person who can do better impressions than what Garrett can do. He is absolutely crazy good at it. I think Zach has a golden radio voice. I think a lot of people already could assume that, maybe, because of his unique voice but Zach has the perfect [radio voice]. He always does the movie trailer guy voice and he does radio voices. I’m also pretty sure Celeb Secrets would love to know that we are massive Bachelor fans.”

GN: “It is a real thing-we love The Bachelor.”

CP: “We love the Bachelor. We’re all big fans.”

CSC: The Bachelor franchise seems to love having country artists perform on dates! Would you guys ever want to perform on The Bachelor?

CP: “I think we’d be open to that for sure. That’s definitely something we would want to do.”

ZB: “We’ve got the perfect song for it too and it’s not even out yet, but we’ve got a song queued up and ready to go. Whoever goes on that date is probably going to win because the moment will be so sweet.”

Written by Kassidy Stewart

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