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WATCH: Maddie & Tae Premiere Music Video For “Bathroom Floor”

Join the ACM Duo of the Year Nominees on their ultimate girls night out

Maddie and Tae Credit: Carlos Ruiz

Academy of Country Music Awards Duo of the Year nominees Maddie & Tae premiered the follow up single to their current certified GOLD hit “Die From a Broken Heart” on CMT and Viacom’s giant billboard in Times Square on Friday. The video for their sophomore single, “Bathroom Floor” showcases the ultimate girls night out to combat a heartbreak and regain confidence.

Maddie & Tae told CMT that they filmed the music video on one day off from their Cry Pretty Tour with Carrie Underwood, but Maddie Marlow is so proud of how the video turned out because of how involved she was in the concept of the video. Despite remembering being worn out from working hard on tour, Marlow tells CMT, “I also remember being so excited that this treatment I came up with came to life so perfectly. Making this video was a reminder to not doubt myself and my ideas because a lot of them can turn out awesome!”


Taylor “Tae” Dye tells CMT she is proud of the female empowerment shown in the video, “the song displays so much empowerment and sisterhood and the video just highlights that even more”. The song was written by Marlow and Dye, in addition to Dye’s husband, Josh Kerr. Kerr was on hand to pick up his wife from the video shoot, and Dye joked with CMT about her husband’s reaction upon his arrival. “The last scene we filmed was the ‘hangover’ scene”, she told CMT, “and my husband was so concerned when he picked me up after”.

“Bathroom Floor” and “Die From a Broken Heart” will be featured on the duo’s upcoming album, The Way It Feels, released on April 10th.

Written by Kassidy Stewart

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