Maddie & Tae Get Raw and Vulnerable with New Song “Die From A Broken Heart”

The track will be featured on the duo’s upcoming album set for 2019.


From the massive success of “Girl In A Country Song” and touring the world to finding another record label and personal challenges, the last two years have been a roller coaster for country duo Maddie & Tae

The talented ladies — Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye — knew that no matter what was going on, they could turn to one thing; making music. The collection of songs they worked on during this difficult time have now come to life with the release of the flirty “Friends Don’t” and now “Die From A Broken Heart.”

The new country ballad invites fans to eavesdrop on an honest conversation as a heartbroken daughter seeks wisdom from her mother.

“The past two years have been a little rough for us. And we wrote this song around the hardest part when we didn’t have a record deal, had no idea what the next steps of our career were, but also we were going through really different hardships personally. And we wrote this song right in the midst of the chaos,” Marlow said to HuffPost. “I think that’s why the lyrics are so raw. We wanted it to feel really conversational because we were having those conversations with our parents almost every day during that season of our lives. And so, it’s made us stronger and better, but singing this song and hearing it brings us back to that moment every single time.”

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“It’s just the most depressing, in a great way. It’s just very vulnerable,” Dye said of the song. “Maddie and I felt like this was the best song to represent that phase of the record. We really want to show our fans, and continue the story and let them know this is where we’ve been the past couple of years, this has what we’ve been going through. We told you we weren’t going to hide anything. So here it all is, out on the line.”

“Die From A Broken Heart” is the second song featured on the duo’s upcoming sophomore album that will be released in 2019.

“We created a concept record that follows the ups and downs of a relationship,” Maddie & Tae shared. “You’ve heard the in love phase with Friends Don’t, and now you hear the heartbreak in ‘Die From a Broken Heart.’ This song definitely hits home for us, and we hope our fans relate to it as well.”

The girls will perform their latest single “Friends Don’t” LIVE on the Today Show this Monday, October 22nd.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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