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Lainey Wilson Says the Term ‘Bell Bottom Country’ Was Inspired By Her Favorite Limited Too Bell Bottoms

Credit: Jessica Steddom

Lainey Wilson‘s talent is one that should not go unnoticed. The up-and-coming country singer knows how to put in the work to achieve success and it’s starting to pay off with the recent release of her self-titled EP.

Co-written by Wilson, the extended play features six songs, which she says just started out as demos that publishers convinced her to release.

“[The EP] started out as just demos. I played it for some publishers down on Music Row and they really liked it and suggested that I release it,” Lainey tells CS Country during the 2018 CMA Music Festival in Nashville. “So we just ended up getting it mixed and mastered and put it out.”

When people ask Lainey to describe her music, she puts it in one phrase; “bell bottom country.” Inspired by her favorite pair of Limited Too bell bottoms as a tween, Wilson says the term is pretty much her whole aesthetic and just explains her in a nutshell.

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“Bell bottom country is a term that pretty much explains me in a nutshell because you can probably tell from my accent and the way that I talk that I’m pretty country. I grew up in a town with 300 people; my dad’s a farmer and my momma’s a teacher, so I’m super country and country music just ruins in my veins,” Lainey shares. “But I’ve also always had a love affair with bell bottoms. When I was about 6 years old, I had a pair of bell bottoms that I got from Limited Too; they were leopard and I never wanted to take them off.”

“Bell bottom country gives me a 70s and carefree vibe. I feel like during that time, people were very loving and carefree, and that’s the kind of attitude I want to portray in my music. I feel like that’s where the bell bottoms come into play,” she continues. 

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Hailing from the small farming community of Baskin, Louisiana, Lainey moved to Nashville five years ago and lived in a bumper pull flagstaff camper trailer that was parked outside the studio where she wrote and recorded all of her music.

“My parents helped me get a bumper pull flagstaff camper trailer and I lived in that thing for three years in Nashville. I parked next to a studio that I was actually recording at; the guy who owned the studio was from my hometown, and he allowed me to literally park my camper next to the studio and just bum their water, electricity, and WiFi,” Wilson shares with us.

“I was going to college online, and at this point, I had no friends in Nashville. It was extremely hard for me to even be able to have the opportunity to write down here on Music Row because that was just something that was super farfetched. I had some dark days. I was known as the camper trailer girl around town, which I’m okay with. But I will say, I wouldn’t change it for anything because I feel like it’s really molded me into who I am and it’s helped me create some of the music that is my favorite right now.”

Listen to Lainey’s new EP below:

Reporting Credit: Kaylee Cottee

Written by CS Country Staff

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