Q&A: Jillian Jacqueline Talks New EP & Fall Tours

The rising country songstress gives us the scoop on her new record.

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As always, Celeb Secrets Country is all about discovering new artists and supporting their music. Jillian Jacqueline is one of those artists that should definitely be on your radar and her EP, Side A, should be in your speakers.

A native of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, Jillian has quickly taken country music by storm. CMT named her to the coveted Next Women of Country list and also included her on the “17 for 2017” rundown of new artists to watch.

With over 24 million listeners on Spotify, Jillian has made a name for herself. Her unflinching first release for Big Loud Records, “Reasons,” made its debut on CMT in April 2017, and has since been streamed more than 11 million times on Spotify. She followed up three more bold tracks – “Hate Me,” “Bleachers,” and “God Bless This Mess” – each of which has gathered more than 1 million Spotify streams, and spent the summer of 2017 touring with Billy Currington and Dwight Yoakam.

Listen to her EP, Side A, below:

Celeb Secrets Country caught up with Jillian recently where we talked all things music, touring and her exciting journey so far. Check out the full interview below and keep up with Jillian’s adventures by following her on Instagram at @jillianjacqueline.

Celeb Secrets Country: You have over 24 million streams and 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify! That’s exciting. How does that feel?

Jillian Jacqueline: “It has been really really fun and has felt pretty surreal. I grew up in a family band so it’s not an overnight journey. I’ve been in Nashville awhile. I’ve wanted to do this my whole life so it’s awesome I’m making music people want to hear.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Your song, “Reasons,” is incredible. It’s so real & so relatable! I bet you have people tell you that a lot? It’s got 11 million streams and I can see why!

Jillian Jacqueline: “I lived through them. I went through a breakup last summer and then went to studio a month after so there was no time to process what I was going through. They were the most honest songs I’ve been a part of and I really just want to share the story. It’s my therapy writing those songs and it’s what got me through it.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Your EP, Side A, is no different. Each song is so relatable. It’s pretty awesome you can make your own diary like that! Is it difficult to put your emotions out there like that or a release?

Jillian Jacqueline: “It depends on who I’m with. My producer is one of my best friends. He was living through the breakup with me, so he heard all the in’s and out’s and dirty details. We weren’t afraid to talk about anything which really helped. To be honest, it’s not worth it to put something out that isn’t soul bearing. I don’t want to hide behind something; it comes with being brave and not being afraid to put it out. What I love about music is when the artist owns it and makes the listener feel like they aren’t alone. It feels like success to me.”

Celeb Secrets Country: You’ve written with some pretty incredible people in the business. Tell us about that!

Jillian Jacqueline: “I’ve written with an incredible group of people and I’m very fortunate. They are some of my best friends. Shane, Natalie, Sara — they know how to get real in the room and allow you to be yourself.They are incredible writers and that’s a gift. I hope I get to continue working with them!”

Celeb Secrets Country: Who would you say has influenced you the most?

Jillian Jacqueline: “There are so many people. Lyrically, its Lori McKenna. What she’s done has impacted me in a very deep way and she tells stories that nobody else will. Artistically, Tom Petty. His career and how he talked about music is incredibly honorable.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Who is one artist/writer you’d like to work with one day that you haven’t already?

Jillian Jacqueline: “Sia is incredible. I’d like to write with Bryan Adams because he’s such a melody genius with classic love songs. I’ve written with Vince Gill, but I’d love to sing live with him. He’s the best.”

Celeb Secrets Country: When did you first get into music?

Jillian Jacqueline: “I was 7 years old. I was in the back of parent’s mini-van singing along and my mom was like ‘that’s really good!’ When I was nine, I auditioned for Broadway with Kenny Rogers and I got the part! I had never done it before, never danced, or anything, and it ended up taking up 6 years of my life. My mom and dad were supportive from the beginning. They home-schooled us and we traveled the country.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Was there ever a moment where you were like, “I’m going to go chase my dream, move to Nashville and pursue this?

Jillian Jacqueline: “I started coming to Nashville when I was 14. There wasn’t a specific moment, but I always knew I was going to go. I ended up leaving a sister band, moved back to PA, went to high school and college and just took time to figure out who I was without my family and spread my wings. That’s when I woke up and knew I was ready. When I first moved to Nashville, I said I was never leaving.”

Celeb Secrets Country: If you could give your teenage self-advice, what would it be?

Jillian Jacqueline: “Don’t worry so much!!! I was always a worrier so if I could, I’d just tell myself to relax!”

Celeb Secrets Country: What can fans expect from you in 2018?

Jillian Jacqueline: We are on radio tour for about 13 more weeks. Following the radio tour, we’ll be dropping a new single. So new music and really exciting stuff like music festivals and more of what we’ve done so far. I want to keep people happy and singing.”

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