Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three Talks “Bury Me In My Boots” and Touring with Florida Georgia Line

Happy Friday, folks!

Straight out of Nashville, The Cadillac Three are gearing up to release their forth-coming album Bury Me In My Boots (out August 5) and we’re kind of freaking out (okay, really freaking out!).

Originally named The Cadillac Black, members Jaren Johnston (lead vocalist/guitarist), Kelby Ray (bassist/vocalist) and Neil Mason (drums/vocals) have been working on this LP for little over three years are finally ready to share their musical memoirs with the world. Celeb Secrets Country recently caught up with lead vocalist/guitarist Jaren Johnston to talk all things TC3. To learn more about Bury Me In My Boots, read our review on The Huffington Post here.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Jaren as he spilled about their upcoming European headlining tour in November, their new album, tour life with buddies Florida Georgia Line, whether or not they’ll be cutting their luscious locks anytime soon, what truly goes on in the TC3 tour bus, and much more!

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Celeb Secrets Country: What can your fans expect from your upcoming album, Bury Me in My Boots?

Jaren Johnston: “Basically, it’s 14 songs about the last three years of our lives. For the first record, we didn’t really play any shows. We just went in and recorded it in a little garage in Nashville. This one, we had a little more life experience – such as traveling the world – so it’s good to be able to put that down on paper. It shows a lot of growth, but it still has the same swampy feel to it.”

Celeb Secrets Country: You guys are considered to be Nashville’s best kept secret, how does it feel to have received such a label?

Jaren Johnston: “I like that, but you always want the secret to get out. We’re very proud of where we’re from and we’re excited that so many people have inspired us and have become fans of us. We’re definitely flattered to be Nashville’s best kept secret.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Do you have a song off the album that you’re excited to perform live?

Jaren Johnston: “We actually like all of them! The favorite one we’re doing right now is called “Peace, Love & Dixie” and it’s a fan-favorite as well. They’re all a lot of fun. Anytime we get to play some new stuff is a neat thing.”

Celeb Secrets Country: In just 3 words, can you describe the album for us? 

Jaren Johnston: “I would have to say bad-ass sh*t. You can put a little hyphen in between bad-ass so it’s three words!”

Celeb Secrets Country: How is touring with Florida Georgia Line? 

Jaren Johnston: “It’s great, we’ll be out touring with them until the end of October and we’ve known each other for 5 years now. We both started our bands and performing at small clubs at around the same time. It’s neat to go from performing in front of 5o people to 25,000. To start off with a terrible, little band to awesome buses and private jets. It’s been quite a journey seeing it come around full circle.”

Celeb Secrets Country: You recently released a video of you guys performing at the famous Abby Road studios. How was that experience like? 

Jaren Johnston: “It was cool, man! That was kind of like a “Bucket List” thing for us. Just getting to visit it was cool, but we actually got to spend the day and record where some of the most influential records ever were made. It was a big moment for us and we had a blast. It was really cool to have that documented.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Was that your first time in Europe?

Jaren Johnston: “We’ve actually been there about 11-12 times in the last three years. I think we’re actually bigger there than we are here. We’ve sold out every show we’ve played there and we’re going back in November for a full headlining tour.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Other than your album and tour, are you guys currently working on any other projects? 

Jaren Johnston: “Yes, I mean we’re constantly writing in the back of the bus. in our little studio back there. We just try to stay creative all the time. We always have that “almost famous” vibe where somebody is drinking a beer, somebody is playing the guitar, and somebody is always writing lyrics down. It’s kind of what we always did. We’re trying to get another record out within the next 6-7 months.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Is that what the process is like behind the music?

Jaren Johnston: “Definitely. It’s all just pretty chill. One of our friends is usually on the bus writing with us and there’s no schedule or anything. We just get back there and start something. Once you crack that first beer, it starts getting creative and fun.”

Celeb Secrets Country: You guys have some insanely long hair! How long have you been growing it out? 

Jaren Johnston: “We’ve had it ever since I could remember, probably since high school. Kelby even had an afro in high school! It was a really huge afro that turned into his long, curly locks now. As for Neil and I, we’ve always had long hair. It is what it is.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Do you think you’ll ever cut it off completely? 

Jaren Johnston: “Nah. A couple of companies offered us a little lump sum of money to cut it off, but no. I remember when Gillette offered ZZ Top a million dollars to shave their beards and they said “hell no” so we’re sticking to our guns with this one. Long hair don’t care.”

Celeb Secrets Country: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, do you have secret or fun fact about yourselves that your fans may not know about? 

Jaren Johnston: “We’re actually all extremely shy guys, but we have to put up this act, you know. We all kind off keep to ourselves, that’s our secret. We’re all really shy and we’re acting sometimes because it gets crazy out here. We’re pretty low-key guys. Sometimes, we come across aggressive, but we’re just normal people. It’s funny how people stereotype us, like we all have families and stuff at home too. It’s just pretty crazy how we get misunderstood sometimes.”

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

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