Levi Hummon Proves His Musical Longevity with Self-Titled Debut EP – REVIEW

Country singer/song-writer Levi Hummon has debuted his self-titled EP on Friday (April 1) and Celeb Secrets Country has the full, track-by-track breakdown.

Levi Hummon has been creating a buzz and has already been labeled as one of CMT’s Listen Up Artists, an Artist To Watch by The Huffington Post, and featured in Rolling Stone Artist You Need To Know. With musical talent in his blood, The Nashville native has contributed his skills to four of the five tracks on the Jimmy Robbins produced project.

Having been around many of the Industry’s best since he was young, Levi credits his outstanding songwriting abilities to his GRAMMY-Award winning father Marcus Hummon (Rascal Flatts‘ “Bless The Broken Road” / Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away”).

Now ready to shine in a spotlight of his own, Levi has collaborated with notable songwriters (Jon Nite, Andrew Dorff, Shane MacAnally, Josh Osbourne, Tom Douglas, Nicolle Galyon, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose) to give us the full experience of his musical vision. Let’s get to it!

Life’s for Livin

“Life’s for livin’, so baby let’s get livin.”

The first track to greet us on this amazing EP is an instant hit. You immediately get a sense of country meets modern-day pop. Levi’s high notes and suave tone are just incredibly unparalleled. With the electric pop beats and his flawless notes, this track is easily my favorite out of the bunch. Levi sings about living your life while everything is still good, responsibility-free, and innocent. Through out “Life’s for Livin'”, we’re hit with a surge of many instruments including a banjo, drums, guitar, and more. His crisp vocals showcase his amazing talent making Hummon one of my favorite Country new-comers. This track sets up the tone for the album as well as what we can expect from Levi’s music to come.

Chain Reaction

“I can’t stop losin’ myself. You can’t stop tryin’ find it.”

The mood of the album immediately takes a 180 turn as we immerse into the second track. It begins with the distinct sounds of a beatbox that brings a live, stripped down feel to it. This song is all about a toxic relationship that isn’t based on a conventional love. It’s rooted from loneliness and the bad choices we tend to make when we’re under the influence. It reminds us of a more modern version of Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now. As the song builds from the beat of a cajón to the array of instruments, it mirror the title and story within the song perfectly. It starts off slow, steady. But it quickly builds momentum resulting in something amazing, just like a chain reaction.

Love You Hate You Miss You

“I want you back. Don’t wanna want you back.”

In “Love You Hate You Miss You”, it begins with a steady start and his signature instruments that have been featured through-out the album. As it progresses, it makes you feel like you’re going through the stages of a real-life relationship. You have your innocent beginning and then one person makes some bad choices resulting in a break-up. But even after what happened, you still miss that person who cheated on you. This song reminds us of “Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo, but with a country twist. It’s a bittersweet track that will leave you wanting more.

Guts and Glory

“Stripes and stars, it’s our story. It’s who we are. We are guts and glory.”

“Guts and Glory” is the highlight of the album and everything a classic honky-tonk tune is, but better. With the acoustic guitars and All-American lyrics, it’s the ultimate soundtrack to celebrate to. The lyrics cleverly list off historical heroes and timeless quotes that made this country into the amazing land it is today. Pair up Levi’s hypnotizing vocals with the foot-tapping beat and you have yourself a feel-good song perfect for those family get-togethers.

Window Down Days

“And who we’re gonna end up bein’ nobody knows. But we’re all alright ‘cause it’s all okay.”

The last track that closes out the album is much like how we would end a night. It gives off that relaxing feel of taking a long drive, not caring where the road takes you. The young, youthful sound mixed in with Hummon’s soothing tone just make you melt into the moment. He sings about not knowing where life will take us, but things will be alright regardless. Whether you’re a fan of Country music or not, you will definitely enjoy this tune.

Overall, this EP is one of the best we’ve heard thus far. Hummon’s album is definitely one that turn listeners into country fans if not already. His music blurs the line between Country and Pop Rock which separates him from other artists and proves his musical longevity. This is a performer you definitely need to look out for!

Levi Hummon’s self-titled EP is officially out NOW! It’s available for purchase on Levi Hummon’s official site here!

Written by CS Country Staff

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