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Here’s Why Tyler Chambers’ “Loves Me Like a Small Town” is Your Summer Country Song (Exclusive)

The superstar-in-the-making sits down with Celeb Secrets Country to talk about his new track, which is out now on all music streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jacob Powers

Growing up in Douglas, Georgia and moving to Wyoming on a whim to work as a ranch hand, Tyler Chambers uses his own personal experiences as inspiration for his songs.

“I’ve been submerging myself in country music for as long as I can remember. It was honestly just the genre of music that lined up with my lifestyle early on,” he says.” From my spirituality, to farming, to hunting and fishing, everything about it just made sense, and I knew that it’s what I was ultimately going to do with my life in some shape or fashion.”

After recently signing with, Dallas Davidson-helmed Play It Again Entertainment for exclusive label representation, Chambers drops the ultimate “breezy, mid-tempo tune kick-off to the new chapter.”

Co-written by Chambers with Logan Wall and Daymon Osborn, and produced by Zach Abend, “Loves Me Like a Small Town” paints the picture of a small-town love, featuring comparisons between a budding romance and all that makes a simplistic rural upbringing special.

Photo Credit: Jacob Powers

“I’m more than happy to have Play It Again on my side for this journey and I can’t wait to see where it goes,” Chambers shares in a statement. “I have a very loyal team here and I wouldn’t want to be sharing experience with anyone other than them.”

“’Loves Me Like a Small Town’ came from a very special place,” he continues. “I always try to write songs that talk about more than just one thing at a time, and this one does it all to me. It covers the way I grew up, my spirituality, small town life and the way I’ve seen my parents and grandparents love each other growing up.”

Tyler sat down with Celeb Secrets Country (virtually) to talk about all things “Loves Me Like a Small Town,”and his plans for the rest of 2023 while disclosing a fun fact that involves Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone.

Check out our full Q&A down below and don’t forget to listen to “Loves Me Like a Small Town.” Let us know what you think of the track by leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sliding into our DMs on Instagram at @celebsecretscountry.

You can connect with Tyler by giving him a follow on Instagram at @tyler_chambersmusic.

Celeb Secrets Country: Did you grow up listening to country music? What inspired you to pursue country music singing and songwriting?

Tyler Chambers: “Yes, I’ve been submerging myself in country music for as long as I can remember. It was honestly just the genre of music that lined up with my lifestyle early on. From my spirituality, to farming, to hunting and fishing, everything about it just made sense, and I knew that it’s what I was ultimately going to do with my life in some shape or fashion.”

CSC: What made you decide to move to Wyoming to work as a ranch hand?

TC: “It was more of a prerequisite of “hard work and see what you can do” that I gave to myself in order to manifest my move to Nashville… which sounds really out of the way and random. However, I knew if I could do that successfully, then pulling the trigger on Nashville wouldn’t be so hard. Spending time on a horse everyday in the Tetons wasn’t a bad place to think about life and my goals either. Song ideas were definitely at an all time high there.”

CSC: How has your experience been performing in shows around the United States? Do you have a favorite venue you can’t wait to perform at again in the future?

TC: “It’s been a huge learning curve – probably the largest out of them all. Discovering what people want to hear and how they react to certain songs is a big part of my job. So gaining that knowledge has been very valuable, and I really look forward to learning more. I would say my hometown theatre is a place I would love to play again.”

CSC: You’ve co-written music for some talented artists including Adam Sanders, Bryce Mauldin, Noah Hicks and Muscadine Bloodline. Are there other artists you hope to write for in the future/ have featured on your own tracks?

TC: “Yeah, I mean, this town is full of talented people that I look up to and would love to have cut one of my songs. I’ve always dreamed of an Aldean cut, to be honest though. In a perfect world, I would love to make a project with my friends too. Dylan Marlowe, Daymon Osborn, Noah Hicks, Bryce Mauldin, Derek Austin — they would make up a large portion of the list, and I might throw Trey Teem on there if he acts right.”

CSC: Was there any personal experience that inspired “Love Me Like a Small Town?” Did this song come easy to you or did it require some late nights?

TC: “This idea was actually Daymon Osborn’s, who I just mentioned, but we think a lot alike, so we both kinda knew where we wanted to go with it. Once Logan Wall got added to the mix, we just kinda took it home. All three of us being from small places – we understood the assignment, to say the least.”

CSC: What are some goals you hope to achieve during the rest of 2023?

TC: “I would love to reach some playlisting, streaming, and touring goals for sure. I think I will have a more realistic idea of those goals as I release more and see exactly what goals are reasonable to set. I don’t like setting unattainable expectations, but I also do enjoy having something to aim at. So without knowing what lies ahead, I would say to increase my monthly listeners by at least a hundred thousand people within the next year would be groundbreaking for me.”

CSC: “Best Damn Beer” and “Dirt Roads For Days” give off the BEST back-roads, country drivin’ vibes. What music do you listen to in your free time?

TC: “Exactly that! I’ve always been a backroad, windows down listener. Sure, the oldies are nice, and ballads have their place in my heart, but I’m an overwhelmingly good vibes, high energy person.”

CSC: You took a few years to focus on your individual sound, how would you describe your
sound/music for new fans?

TC: “I don’t think words do music justice at times; you feel music a certain way because it’s literally vibrations in the air. I could sit here and say my music sounds a little like Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and country John Mayer, at times, and I wouldn’t be wrong. But I would describe the feeling that I get from listening to my music as familiar and reminiscent. I hope that those who grew up the way I did can listen to my music and say that the songs represent them well.”

CSC: Since we’re Celeb Secrets, do you have any secrets about yourself and making the song “Loves Me Like a Small Town” that we wouldn’t know just by seeing you live/ listening to the song?

TC: “The only people to record a video at the location we did the visualizer besides me were Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton.”



Written by CS Country Staff

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