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Brooke Moriber Wants To Be Loved For Who She Really Is in New Song “Down To Nothing” (Exclusive)

Celeb Secrets Country has your first look at the singer/songwriter’s acoustic visual to her latest single.

Credit: Shervin Lainez

Up-and-coming prodigy Brooke Moriber is a force to be reckoned with in Country music.

Embodying strength and resilience in everything she does, Moriber is living proof that falling down is an opportunity to come back even stronger.

Getting her first taste of show business at the age of eight as part of the Broadway musical Les Miserables, Moriber has been hooked on the arts ever since. After abruptly losing her eye sight at age 14, she honed in even more on her passion and craft until she miraculously found herself in remission four years later, giving the healing credit to songwriting.

Credit: Shervin Lainez

These days, songwriting continues to be a such a huge part of Moriber’s life… as she even writes songs in her sleep.

Pulling inspiration from the likes of Carly Pearce, Ingrid Andress, and Linda Ronstatd, the artist tells Celeb Secrets County she went into the writing room with friend David DeVaul for her latest single “Down To Nothing” with the idea of being loved for who you truly are and not having to hide any flaws. The pair was able to write a great verse, but couldn’t quite get the chorus they were looking for. 

“I came into the writing room with an idea for the song ‘Down To Nothing’ and I wanted it to be about being loved for who you truly are and not having to cover any of the flaws up anymore for someone,” Moriber tells CS Country exclusively during CRS 2022 back in February. “We came up with a great verse but we got a little stuck on the chorus. We let it sit for awhile and a couple months later — in the middle of the night — I woke up with the tune, lyrics, and everything. It woke me up out of bed and I said, ‘Oh I have to put this down in a voice memo before I forget. It might be terrible in the morning but who knows.'”

“I played it back in the morning and I was like, ‘gosh I think that’s a really good chorus!'” she adds. “And I played it for David and he was like, ‘I think we got a hit song there!’ So yeah it was a song about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

An acoustic video for the new powerhouse single, that you can only watch on Celeb Secrets Country today (March 16), showcases the singer/songwriter’s standout vocals and guitar skills, proving to fans that she’s arrived in Country music and not going anywhere.

“Down To Nothing” is the follow up to her other single “This Town Made Us,” which is all about resilience and taking pride in your roots. Both available now on Reviver Records, “This Town Made Us” reflects on the difficult times Morbier’s hometowns of New York and Nashville faced in 2020, with one being the Coronavirus outbreak and the other being the devastating tornado that hit Music City that same year.

“I was really excited that Reviver chose that to be the first single released for me because it’s a song about my two home towns that kind of made me,” Brooke shares. “I’m a very proud native New Yorker but I spend most of my time making music out here in Nashville. I just landed back in New York the day before the tornado had hit Nashville and that was the same week that the pandemic hit New York City. So both of my hometowns were absolutely going through the most difficult of times.

“I was double heartbroken but also incredibly inspired by these two places that were basically emboding what I try to write about in every song, residence and strength, and I wanted to write a song that kind of catered that home town pride that I was feeling.”

After seeing an article that angered and devastated her about her city being “dead,” the singer-songwriter was determined to bring something positive out of the darkest of situations.

“[It was during that] New York-Nashville tough vibe that was going on, so I got on a zoom call with my friends and right before that, there had been an article that had come out that said ‘New York City Is Dead.’ It ripped my heart out of my chest when I read that as it felt like there was almost joy in it. New York City isn’t dying, you tear it down and build it back better than ever,” she explains. “When I got on the zoom call, I was very angry about it, so we decided to write a song about it… but we ended up putting a positive spin on it by dedicating it to anyone who takes pride in where they come from.”

The New York native is no stranger to strength and fighting adversity. At only 14 years old, Moriber completely lost her eyesight from a rare disease that turned her world upside-down for 4 years.

“I woke up one morning and I couldn’t see my face in the mirror. I had a rare eye disease and it went into remission 4 years later but it’s the reason that I started writing music. It was just very difficult to get through high school with all that going on,” she said.

“One day I went to the doctors office and I felt like I could see a little bit better and the pain was gone. The doctor’s were like, ‘I don’t understand, it’s in remission. What did you do?’ And as cheesy as it sounds, I feel like songwriting healed me. It got me through it.”


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Fan can expect to hear more of Brooke’s songwriting in the near future, as she plans several more single releases that will lead up to an EP and eventually a full-length album. And as live music continues to make its way back into normalcy, Brooke will happily take every opportunity she can to interact and communicate with people in the only way she knows.

“We’re doing a lot of radio touring. So that’s the touring schedule for now but we will be playing gigs throughout the radio tour and the different places we’re going to be at now that places are finally opening up and allowing live music. It’s been so much fun. I did Whiskey Jam this week and was actually able to communicate with people in person which was awesome.”

Let us know what you think of Brooke’s music by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @CS_Country. You can connect with Brooke by giving her a follow on Instagram at @brookemoriber.

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