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Ashley Cooke Opens Up About Her Duet With Roman Alexander For “Between You & Me” (Exclusive)

“I just want fans to make dinner with their loved one and dance around the kitchen, that’s kind of how I view the song,” says the country artist.

The emerging country star, Ashley Cooke is a force to be reckoned with in Music City. The up-and-coming musician’s sense of drive and remarkable country-pop sound is attracting notable names in the industry. However, it is also her entrepreneurial mindset that sets her apart from other artists trying to make it in the challenging world of entertainment. 

While constantly writing and recording new music, Cooke has generated over 6.3 million likes on TikTok for her engaging, yet quality content, she co-founded The 615 House, which connects aspiring country singers, and she even collaborates with a wide range of individuals from rising musicians to award-winning producers to elevate her career.

Therefore, when an exciting new project comes knocking on Ashley’s door, she’s the type of artist who jumps on the opportunity and embraces a quality learning experience. So, when singer and songwriter – Roman Alexander approached Ashley to be the female vocalist on his “Between You & Me” duet, Cooke imminently said yes. 

“I got a call from my manager and they said ‘Hey, Roman wants you to hop on and do the second verse and kind of make your own version of “Between You & Me,” shared Cooke about the duet. “So, I did and it turned out really cool! It’s a different take on the song.” 

Back in November of 2020, Alexander released his debut 5-track EP, Between You and MeThe fire collection includes “Beautiful Girls,” “Bad For Me”, and the original version of “Between You and Me.” In order to keep up the positive momentum, the talented heartthrob decided to take his successful single and add a dash of female energy. 

The romantic hit is about a man spilling his heart out about a girl he wants to be intimate with. Although, Cooke and Alexander took a new approach when they were crafting the fresh duet. Now, the dynamic duo changed the honest and catchy lyrics in the second verse to create an intimate and flirtatious conversation.  

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“Boy, you know me like no one / You know I get done up to get you undone.” Cooke sings. As you listen to the lyrics closely you will feel like you are experiencing a serious and heartfelt conversation between the couple. The love story-like ballad showcases their clean, smooth, and impressive vocals, which blend perfectly together and complement each other’s strengths. 

The mid-tempo track is backed by an acoustic guitar and finger-like snaps, that will encourage you to get up and dance hand-in-hand with your significant other around the house. 

If you are anything like Celeb Secrets Country, your mind is blown away by the beautiful collaboration that we never knew we wanted, but needed! – keep reading and learn more about Ashley’s upcoming music ventures, her new music video for the chart-topping single “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” and what it is like to work with the same producer as Maren Morris.

Mark our words, this musician will be making her Grand Ole Opry debut in no time! 

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Celeb Secrets Country: You recently released a new single called “Between You & Me” with Roman Alexander on Friday, April 23 – How are you feeling?

Ashley Cooke: “I’m so excited! So, It’s with my friend Roman Alexander and he’s incredible. I have known him for a few years now. We just kind of run in the same circles in Nashville and he put out his version of “Between You & Me” – it’s his song and it blew up. It was all over all the playlists. I think it just hit eight million streams on that version. So, he was looking for a female duet on it. I had known the song based on hearing and just loving Roman and his music.

I got a call from my manager and they said ‘Hey, Roman wants you to hop on and do the second verse and kind of make your own version of “Between You & Me.” So, I did and it turned out really cool! It’s cool because it’s like a different take on the song. It really made into a duet. So, they are very different versions…in my mind.”

Celeb Secrets Country: What was it like to record with Roman Alexander in the studio?

Ashley Cooke: “Recording with him was AMAZING! We have been friends for years. So, it was fun because in Nashville pretty much everybody’s in music…I mean, it feels like. So, we are all friends aside from Music and then we get to work together. Roman and I had been fans of each other’s forever and friends but never got to work with each other. So, this was the first time and we just goofed off. We are just a bunch of idiots in the studio and it was a really, really good time! It was just awesome.”

CSC: What is one thing you have learned about Roman Alexander while recording with him?

AC: “He’s very goofy! We did a photoshoot in a warehouse and I was sitting on a chair in front of him and he was joking around and pretending to pull the chair out from under me… but then he really did it! He’s just a big goofball and it’s funny because I feel like in front of the cameras and on social media, he is very suave. However in person, he is goofy, fun, and his personality comes out. He’s truly the best!”

CSC: What has been your favorite memory of working on this project?

AC: “Gosh…it’s just so fun to work with this guy! I think it’s just really fun getting to kind of be on this beginning journey with another friend who gets it and is in the game the same way. It’s not really working, it feels like play. So, it’s such a fun time, I love it. We are just young artists in Nashville on the grind, who wants to be honest in our music. We want to say, what we want to say and be truthful to ourselves. So, he’s amazing and I’m so pumped to see his career pop-off! He’s just going to be all over the place.”

CSC: When us fans sit down and listen to “Between You & Me” for the first time, how would you like us to feel?

AC: “Just feel good! It’s one of those songs that it doesn’t take much to like it because the lyrics are so clever. I just want fans to make dinner with their loved ones and just dance around in the kitchen. That’s kind of how I view the song. It’s sweet and it’s romantic, I just love it.”

CSC: To go along with your track with Roman Alexander, you are also releasing your new music video for the single “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night” – Could you spill the tea on this project?

AC: “Oh my gosh, it was honestly a dream come true! It was my first music video as a solo artist. So, I was having a blast. When we were planning the music video, we were thinking about having a bonfire with a bunch of friends and have a fun party scene. But my song, “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” it’s just about getting away from the crowds and just kind of having a night to regroup and be with you, God, and nature and kind of have that special moment.

So, we did the music video completely alone! I was alone in the whole video because I’m usually like ‘let’s get a bunch of friends and have a fire, drink beer and whatever!’ But, I was alone which was a different thing for me. I’m excited for everybody to see it!”

CSC: Celeb Secrets Country has been following you on social media and it looks like you have been working hard in the studio, do you have any new music in the works?

AC: “Dude, we worked on a lot of stuff…I’m not sure how the rollout is going to be quite yet. 

However, my producer Jimmy Robbins – just won “Song of The Year” at the Academy of Country Music Awards for “The Bones” with Maren Morris. He truly blows my mind every day and to work with this guy is amazing. He produced my whole project and its song that I am really am proud of. Like, it’s not songs that I would have just chosen to be on the radio – which, I think is something that young artists tend to fall into. This project is the perfect balance of me as an artist and my songs. The production is just so amazing and I have never been this excited for a project!

I will say, I have been in music since I was 10-years-old. So, I have worked with many producers and in different studios across the United States. The best way I can describe working with Jimmy is that he just gets it. I remember, we were working on a song and I was like ‘ hey, this sounds a little bit too happy…I don’t know what it is, and just within a minute, he was like ‘hey, can you tone that guitar down and lower your vocals here.’

He just knew exactly what to do, the sound I was looking for, and the sound we wanted to create together. He like speaks the language of music in all aspects. I mean, he’s incredible.”

CSC: What is one thing you have learned from Jimmy Robbins?

AC: “I think you should NEVER stop learning. You always learn, even if you have a million Grammys sitting in your window. You should still be looking to learn because music is constantly evolving. So, he’s the best teacher and I’ll always be a student.”

CSC: You took to social media and asked your fans which cities you should visit on tour – could we expect a tour from you anytime soon?

AC: “I’m really hoping that! So, my agent and I met a couple of days ago and we are trying to plan something just because this past year I have gained almost 600,000 followers on TikTok. I have people flying into Nashville all the time. Every time I play a show, somebody is like ‘Hey, I flew in from Seattle, Ohio, or Colorado just to come to see the show. So, it got my wheels turning. I really want to go get out there and play some shows, because I’m terrified of being an artist that is on these amazing playlists, which would still be awesome, but people don’t actually know me as a human, they just know my music. I want to really know my fans and know my supporters. With COVID-19, it’s tough because so many tours got pushed from 2019 to 2021. We are going to be hitting the small bars and wherever we can just to get out there and play to people. So, it’s going to be fun!”

CSC: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country – Do you have any secrets about the duet, that us fans might find surprising?

AC: “It is funny because I feel like it’s easy for people to see like a guy and a girl together and think ‘Oh, they must be together.’ But, Roman and I are just best friends and he has an amazing girlfriend that I am good friends with. We’re just the best of friends and have the utmost respect for each other and love to collaborate musically.”


Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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