Lindsay Adamson is gearing up for the release of her new single “He Ain’t Worth The Makeup” and Celeb Secrets Country has your first listen!

Dating is never easy, especially during a global pandemic. We all have been in the situation where we finalize the last touches of our makeup and slipped on a classy, yet sexy date night outfit, then BOOM… ghosted. Like many other women in the world, vocalist Lindsay Adamson and her girlfriends have been in this sticky and not unusual circumstance. So, in true singer and songwriter fashion, the breakthrough artist put pen to paper and started writing her side of the story.

Premiering exclusively on CS Country today, “He Ain’t Worth The Makeup” has us thinking that we have a country Christina Aguilera or even a new Carrie Underwood on our hands. Adamson kicks off her recently released single showcasing a clear and strong riff before she delivered her relatable lyrics.

“I wrote the song after a friend of mine texted me that she was supposed to have a first date with a guy she connected with on a dating app, and she got all ready and looked amazing, but then he didn’t show up or even text her to cancel,” says the singer. “I’ve had a similar situation happen, and so have most of my girlfriends. And so I thought it would be fun to write a song about it.”

Photo Credit: Lexie Rucker

The fresh-face in country music created the girl-power anthem to help individuals realize their self-worth and strength. “It’s also a song of empowerment, and I really hope it helps my listeners realize just how freakin incredible they are, and that they should be treated that way, or that person just does not belong in their lives,” she adds.

While in the studio Lindsay Adamson pulled from her Carrie Underwood inspiration to produce the energetic and uplifting tune. “I really felt like such a powerful diva belting it out! If you had been there, you totally would have caught me dancing in the vocal booth, while channeling all of my feisty girl power energy.”

Although “He Ain’t Worth The Makeup” might just be her third single to hit the airwaves, the artist is climbing the ranks of music city fast, as she has over 300,000 digital streams and has already started working on a full-fledged album.

“I have so many exciting projects planned for 2021! This year I’m in the process of writing and will soon start recording my very first album,” Adamson told Celeb Secrets Country. “I plan to shoot a lot of pictures and video of the entire writing and recording process, because I find my fans are really wanting to get a glimpse of what an artist’s life is like behind the scenes when they’re busy making the music we all love so much.”

As we wait patiently for her “ A Day In The Life” videos on social media and her highly anticipated LP, we challenge you to pop in your headphones and listen to her latest hit “He Ain’t Worth The Makeup.” Let us know if you included her new single to your everyday playlist by leaving a comment below or by tweeting us @CS_Country.

You can connect with Lindsay Adamson by following her on Instagram @lindsayadamsonofficial.