Noah Schnacky Says Debut EP ‘Perfectly Expresses Who He Is In This Stage of His Life’ (Exclusive)

The country singer opened up to CS Country about the debut record over an IG Live recently.

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Noah Schnacky‘s debut EP is finally here and we can’t get enough of it!

To no surprise, the heartthrob singer/songwriter delivers pure chivalry and optimism on his debut self-titled EP, penning each of the seven tracks and recording with esteemed producer Dann Huff.

Featuring previously released singles like “Comeback,” “Where’d You Go,”Feels Like Love” and “I’ll Be the One,” the collection, according to Schnacky, expresses who he is in this stage of his life — a 23-year-old single country singer who, through captivating and powerfully crafted lyrics, is on the hunt for the girl of his dreams.

“For so long I waited to have a body of music that people can sink their teeth into and to be honest with you, I feel like I’ve been a ‘single’ artist for so long. I have so many songs that I’m so excited to get out, but to put out a body of work that expresses who I am in this stage in my life was really special,” Noah tells Celeb Secrets Country over an IG Livestream last month.

When picking the seven songs for the debut project, Noah tells CS Country that he wanted a variety of tunes that will connect with his listeners on another level.

“I thought about a story of love and loss,” he explains. “That’s been my story so far — a lot of hopefulness, a lot of retrospect and thinking back about what I could’ve done better, and a lot of insecurity, but also excitement and positivity in looking forward to the person I’m going to meet one day. Every aspect of it is so different and so unique that I felt like it needed each one of these songs to paint the full story of where my head is at right now.”

Three standout tracks on the record are his never-before-heard (which almost didn’t make the cut) “Meet The Man,” as well as new versions of his classics “Maybe We Will” and “Hello Beautiful.”

When discussing the meaning behind “Meet the Man,” Schnacky tells CS Country, “I like to stand for something and I know the value that a father can have, mostly because my mom didn’t grow up with a father. So seeing that she is an incredible woman without one and seeing the value that one can add when it’s added to the situation is really cool from that perspective.”

“I felt like nobody has really ever expressed how a guy is supposed to come into the mix and present himself to a family and just looking at my sisters and the way that I hope somebody approaches them and how I want to be that for somebody else, that was where my head was at,” he continues.

“The power that the song has is absolutely breaking us — it’s giving me chills just talking about it — it’s an opportunity for them to show the value that they see in the relationship. It’s the coolest thing ever to see people connecting with each other in one of the most sincere ways I’ve ever seen.”

When talking about the new versions of “Maybe We Will” and “Hello Beautiful,” the 23-year-old tells CS Country that they are a huge deal. Inspired by Keith Urban‘s artistry and Dann Huff’s production, Noah originally co-wrote these two songs independently and hoped of working with Huff one day. The full circle moment came to fruition when he signed his record deal with Big Machine Records, giving him the opportunity to jump in the studio with Huff to give the tracks the boost they needed.

“Dann Huff is my man, so when [my label] asked who I wanted to work with to produce my EP, the answer was him,” Schnacky recalls. “I got to redo the songs with the man that inspired the type of production that I was putting into it. To see these get redone, the earthy tones and raw effortless — no one plays the guitar like Dann. It’s just different. I’m a bit of a nerd with that stuff and it hope it comes out that way when people listen to these new versions.”

Photo Credit: Andres Martinez

Keeping pretty busy with friends and family during quarantine, Noah has been utilizing social media to host multiple livestreams a week, performing both songs off the EP and unreleased tracks that he hopes will be featured on future projects. His favorite one to date, however, was a recent one with Jake Owen, recalling the experience by saying, “I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop.”

“For the people who follow me on Instagram, they know that I get an itch to go live all the time to give them something,” he says.

Hoping to “kiss a girl and hold her tight,” Schnacky says an acoustic tour is a bucket list task for him once the pandemic ends.

For more on Noah’s music, watch our full Q&A from our IG Live chat below. You can connect with Noah on Instagram at @noahschnacky.

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Listen to Noah Schnacky’s EP here:

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