On the Rise: Ingrid Andress Showcases Powerful New Music

The country singer performed her latest singles at a private event in Nashville, showcasing her exceptional songwriting skills and storytelling abilities.

Ingrid Andress/Facebook

Known for her self-proclaimed “sad songs,” powerful songwriting, and a one-of-a-kind attitude to match, up and coming star Ingrid Andress is one to watch in country music!

On Tuesday night (4/23), Andress showcased her latest body of work at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN with friends, media, and other members of the industry. Gathered tightly in a creatively fun blue room with a giant elephant head hanging above, the unique setting seemed to fit Andress perfectly. 

Kicking things off with her vulnerable song “More Hearts Than Mine,” the ballad touches on the sad effects a relationship has when it doesn’t work out. The songwriter tells the story of bringing a boyfriend home for the first time to meet her family with activities such as going to church, fishing with her father, and hearing the wild stories ‘she’ll never live down’ from her childhood best friends. She warns him that she isn’t trying to scare him off, but if they breakup he’ll be breaking more hearts than only hers. 

A master at causing the audience to feel all kinds of emotions, Andress newest single “Both” is relatable in today’s society. With casual encounters only a swipe away on popular dating apps, relationships stuck in the middle ground of casual and exclusive are all too common.

Ending the showcase with her strong and empowering single “Lady Like,” the autobiographical song rebels against society’s expectations and labels. She sings “I drink tequila straight/ Haven’t brushed my hair in days/ And I’ll kiss on the first date if I’m really feeling it/ I don’t even own a dress/ Bite my nails when I get stressed/ Do whatever for attention when I’m needing it.”

Andress shared with the crowd the importance of being whoever you want to be and not conforming to the pressures of society, joking that due to growing up as a “weird home schooled child” outside traditional norms, she didn’t realize she had to act the way girls are “supposed to” in order to be considered “lady like” in the world around her.

Make sure to catch Ingrid Andress performing at the CMA Fest on June 8th during Warner Music Nashville’s night at Ascend Amphitheater and follow along with her for all the newest updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Written by Mariah Crom

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